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How often does Netflix get new movies/TV shows?

Asked by Seelix (14891points) April 4th, 2011

We’ve only had Netflix for a couple of weeks, but I haven’t noticed anything new come up in the “just released” section. Does anyone know how often they update?

I know things might be different on Netflix Canada, but I’d still like to hear what you have noticed.

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Ive had netflix for a while now and I still dont know. Some weeks they add a shitload of stuff and other times you can go a couple weeks without anything new. It all seems pretty random imo.

yea sorry that was the least helpful answer ever :P

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Every Sunday. Here’s a link to a “hidden” page on the site, where you can see only those movies/shows released that week. Make sure you bookmark it, because you’ll never find it again if you don’t!

*I’ve had Netflix for years, and this page used to be the only ‘New Releases’ page. I hate the new version of it, because you’re seeing stuff that’s been out for months.

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I found Streaming Soon through Stumble Upon once. I think that it only tracks Instant Watch items, but it is still pretty useful if you want to plan movie nights.

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@augustlan & @muppetish Thank you both for the awesome links. See im just totally clueless to these things.

I do hate how they recently have been redesigning netflix. The scene selection on xbox version is rather hard to do now. And the wii version I can barely stand to look at anymore its so damn ugly lol.

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@Seelix If there’s a new release (or to be released) you really want to get the DVD of to your home, put it in your cue at the top. —-It’s a little trick I learned long ago—

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Not often enough.

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