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What to do about a precognitive dream?

Asked by ninjaapantz (461points) April 4th, 2011

I had a dream 2 nights ago where I woke-up sobbing for an hour it or so. I wont’ go into all the details but I dreamt that my families ex was talking about him, that he chucked himself. I got really upset & stormed from the table & hurried to the bottom of the garden. I heard someone walking fast after me & it was him. He couldn’t speak but he was mouthing he was sorry for things.

I haven’t seen him for about 7 years now & we’ve broken all methods of communication. Now I’m wondering if I’m supposed to do anything about this information. Was it just to let me know that he was sorry & that he’s going to die soon? Am I supposed to some how get in touch with him to tell him to look after himself. Is he crying out to me in desperation & he can’t turn any where else & this is his last straw to get in touch with me?

I know that this is a psychic connection as I’ve had many & I’ve had others where I get a message of someone I know is going to die soon. But never like this where I had a choice on what to do with it. Actually there was one other time but I was too young & it scared the hell out of me. When it happened I got really upset because I didn’t do anything about it.

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Do you have any mutual friends still? If so, maybe you should ask your friend to check on him.

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yes I do, but the way things end. If I say I’m concerned for his safety, they’re just going to think I’m a jealous bitch.

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If you feel so strongly about his welfare,why would you not say something?
Don’t you think that if his life was in danger,that would be more serious than someone calling you a jealous bitch?

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Can your premonitions change the outcome? If so, then you have to speak up.

If not, then you need to look inside yourself and see if you have anything left unsiad that you need to communicate to him. If you do, contact him.

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why would they think you’re jealous after 7 years?

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he went off with my cousin

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Please don’t use ampersands (&) as sentence-level conjunctions. They’re for pairs and lists only. Thanks.

I’d have my doubts about how seriously you ought to take this dream.
How do you even know it’s a precognitive dream, and not just a regular one? Lots of people have dreams about people they know, they’re usually just subconsciously made up twaddle. How can you tell the difference between that and a premonition?
Do you check how often your dreams come true?
People dream every night, even if we don’t usually remember our dreams. If your dreams tell you things you didn’t already know, that’s 365 messages in a year. How many of them are true?

How do you know any of your psychic connections are really psychic connections, and it’s not all just in your head? How do you know the messages you receive are really messages sent by other people?
Do you ask them if they sent you anything? If you’d be sneaky and deliberately describe the dream wrong, would they be confused and tell you that’s not what they sent?

Furthermore, if this is a man you haven’t seen in seven years, then it’s unlikely that you would be the one he would turn to for help. Surely he’ll have plenty of new friends by now. You don’t even like each other.

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thanks @Fyrius this is what I’ve been thinking about for this particular dream. You can never be certain about precognition unless someone confirms it or the situation happens. If you have the ability to do something about it, then is it really precognition? It would then be technically a warning and you have the ability to change things. In the past I’ve had people confirm my messages without me even saying anything and situations do occur to some extent to how I perceive it to be. But this is my whole point, I’m never certain and it is my perception or interpretation. This is why I have people I get advice from, and this time I’m asking my fellow jellies. Thank you all.

And I have spoken to a mutual friend & empath/psychic. And she’s confirmed that it’s probably me trying to move on unconsciously. And I’ve left it to her as she is in touch with him and I’ve left it to her to judge the situation if any further action is needed as I’m not in a position to actually approach him.

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My sense is your system is letting you know it’s ok to release the emotional twists you may have aptly built 7 years ago, you don’t need them anymore. Whehter or not he’s actually sorry, your system doesn’t need it to be otherwise and it’s ok to let your internal tensions go.
I’d suggest not to even try contact him until you thoroughly digest whether or not the dream is about you or about you both. Could be a co-dependent urge rearing its ugly head.

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I agree with @dabbler . Dreams don’t tell the future or give you information about anything except your own emotions. You want to believe that he is sorry for what he did, and your mind is ready or desires to let him go. Contacting him now is very counterproductive.

If you dreamt someone was going to die and then they did, it was either coincidence or you saw the writing on the wall in some subconcious way.

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I wouldn’t rule out that dreams can sometimes be precognitive but I don’t think this one is. It seems to me to be a dream of the past, a past that you have trouble letting go of. I would guess that he never said sorry then and he didn’t say sorry in your dream. You imagined he felt sorry and perhaps you are right but he never said it and that is significant. I wouldn’t get in touch.

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@Skaggfacemutt actually I would agree that this dream does not seem to me to be about the future. It’s just too metaphorical, the best premonition you could get out of it is foreboding but that’s so ambiguous it’s hard to count on; so easily mapped to regular dream expression. And I agree with your further analysis of this dream and how to work with it.
Personally I have had lots of precognitive dreams, nearly all utterly mundane yet also quite clearly moments that happen in the future just as they did in the dream. Several seconds of slice-o-life from a dream play out just like it did in my dream weeks or months previously all details precise. I used to write my dreams as much as I could remember and though I could never tell what bits of my dreams would pop up later I could go back to the notebook and read them after those did.
I can’t explain it at all but I’m convinced.
One notorious exception to the banality among my precognitive dream experiences happened in ‘87 when I was shopping for my first home to own. To make the down payment I knew I had to sell all of a tech stock but had been pondering for some time when to sell it. In general my track record in the stock market is haphazard and I didn’t have any sense what “exit indicator” to trust. Just before I woke one late April morning I had a very vivid dream scene of reading the newspaper on July 7 and being happy that I had sold the stock the previous day.
The price of the stock in April was around 30. By 4th July it had edged into the high 30s. On the sixth I called the broker (a market maker in the stock, they track it closely) as the stock pushed past 40 and asked what they thought of the price and where it was headed. The broker said they really didn’t know why it was up as much as it was that day. I asked the current price and it had reached 41–½ and I sold. That turned out to be the high for the day and it didn’t reach that price again for another year and a half.
Later in ‘87 I found a marvellous place and still live here. And I haven’t had a single dream about stocks since…

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@dabbler, @flutherother, @Skaggfacemutt thanks for your replies. On further analysis and going over it again. My niece was 5 in the dream & I concluded that this dream is about that year we split. And the way my ex looked, he was in his early twenties. So yes, this dream is about the past and for some reason I only get to unravel it now. The only thing I’m wondering now is that ‘this death’ being a metaphor that something is changing. Either for myself or for the people in the dream, maybe for all of us. Well for one thing, it has laid bear how I should trust these people in the dream. Going forth, I’m for sure going to engage with them with my eyes open and keep a healthy distance.

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Or it could all just be subconsciously made up twaddle.

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@Fyrius True, our dreams are left open for our own interpretation. I’ve got what I needed out of this dream. Thank you all fellow jellies :)

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@dabbler I have written before on this site about my precognitive dream (I have only had one) so I am a believer. I know what you mean. In a nutshell, I dreamt of being a passenger in a car and I was just watching the scenery go by. No big deal, but the next day I found myself a passenger in a car and began recognizing the scenery. I had never been down this particular stretch of road before – besides it was not just recognizing the scenery – every wisp of wind, and every bend of grass was identical. It scared me – I thought we were going to crash and die, but nothing happened. It was kind of like deja vu, and after a few miles it went away. But to see someone’s death in a dream (shudder). I’m glad that has never happened to me.

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