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How to record Napster on demand music streaming?

Asked by jamiesays (3points) April 4th, 2011

Just wondering, mainly theoretically, what would one look for if he wanted to find out how to record Napster on demand music streaming to his pc for later listening on a cell phone or something similar?

Is that even possible?

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I don’t think you can record napster on demand music streaming or anything similar to this.Sorry to have to burst your bubble.

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Silly thought, but I think windows had a built in sound recorder. That might work to record napster on demand music while it’s being streamed.

Since it records what you hear, the quality of the songs you get after you record napster streaming might be questionable, but hey as long as it gets the job done.

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You bet the quality of the files you get after you record Napster on demand music with the windows sound recorder is questionable.
In fact I’d say the quality is pretty bad, since I presume this specific sound recorder isn’t really equipped to specifically handle this sort of audio streams.

Maybe if you look for a better sound recorder program you might get better results when you try to record napster on demand music streaming.

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I think there was some sound recorder called Audacity.

Not a hundred per cent sure if it works to also record or capture napster on demand music streaming, but as far as I remember it’s a sound recorder so I don’t see any major problem why it would not work to capture napster music as well.

Look it up.

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Audacity might just work to record or capture napster on demand music streaming, it’s been a while since I last used it.

It records “what you hear”, that is whatever is being played through your sound card. One thing though if I am not mistaking, it might also record any pc sounds like pop-ups, email notifications and so on, while it’s set to record napster on demand music.

That might be a slight disadvantage for you, I suppose.

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It’s more than a small disadvantage, it’s a huge one if you ask me.

It would be totally pointless to record napster on demand music streaming, and you get some “doing” or “ding ding ” from time to time while you listen to the music you saved from napster on demand streaming. I for one couldn’t stand this sort of thing.

Isn’t there any other way to maybe isolate the other sounds from your pc and record only the napster on demand music?

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Isn’t there something like a napster recorder or some sort of special audio streaming recorder?

I suppose this type of programs might be able to go beyond the record all you hear issue and just record only napster on demand music streams without any other sounds and noises.

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Hmm, not sure but there should be sound recorder programs that can record Napster on demand, in your particular case, without any other interference.

On second thought, an even better idea would be to take a closer look at some streaming audio recorder programs or something similar. Since Napster on demand music is streamed online, you might have some success with this kind of programs.

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Don’t know if this is helpful or not, was looking on google at streaming audio recorders and stumbled upon some Audials One program.

They have some info on it around the website link

I saw there that it also works to capture and save audio streaming, so it should also be able to record or capture and save napster on demand streaming music to pc.

Take a closer look at it yourself to see if it’s a working solution for you.

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I see, well thank you for the help so far. So I take it my best bet to record and save Napster on demand music would be to use a streaming audio recorder.

@ janeorly
Thanks for the suggestion on that Audials One program. Since you found it on google, I guess there’s no chance you have already used it to record napster on demand streams?
Would have been great to get some info from someone who already uses this kind of audio stream recorders.

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Well, nope haven’t use it, sorry. As I said I just found it on google, so I dunno how it works to record Napster music.

But nonetheless, you can just try it yourself and see if it works.Should not be that hard to use the software, I think.

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Yeah you’re right, I suppose I should get trying that Audials One software.

Does not seem to be too complicated, I read somewhere round there that it batch records streaming music plus it can actually cut and save the recordings as individual mp3 music tracks, that clearly seems to be time saving.

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