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Erik or Eric?

Asked by stephen (351points) April 19th, 2008

which one is better as a name?

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that depends on how u want to spell it

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Erik. thats how Erik the Red spelled it, yes? Vikings are badasses.

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Depends on what you think is “better”. I wouldn’t want to be named either, TBH.

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You can spell it either way you like, but if I heard the name and wrote it down. I would spell it Eric. I personally think spelling it with a “c” is more common than spelling it with a “k”.

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What about Erich???
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In English speaking countries, I think Eric is more common, whereas other languages use Erik more (f.ex. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland).

@ 8lightminutesaway – that depends on language, I would’ve said Eirikur ReyĆ°i

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Erik FTW!

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Eric Owns Erik (no offence)! And I wouldn’t want to be named Vincentt… Btw, my name is Eric. Eric is an awesome name no
matter how you spell it, and it means “eternal king.”

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my grandfather spells his name Airic.

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ooh, I like that one, LunaFemme. Better than the other 2

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eric is normal but erik is gangster

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If you want to stand out erik is pretty exotic (not as much as Airic), and chances are people will have no problem pronouncing it, though it might get old having to say eric with a k…

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Theres too many people with normal names, I say go with something Funky so this person will be remembered!

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@Eambos – I’m not saying Vincent (I don’t have the extra “t” in reality ;-) is perfect :P

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dont forget erich

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who cares!!!! There both fine. Geeze.

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I’m with buster, Erich is the OG german spelling! Er means “He” and Ich means “I”. So it can be translated to “He is I”! Plus people call you E-Rich!

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I asked my grandfather about the spelling of his name once, and he explained as I am Air. Air & the ic for I. I have no idea where it comes from or why he was named that. Knowing my grandfather I wouldn’t be surprised if he changed it to Airic from some other derivative. I do like the Erich. That’s super cool.

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That spelling could be derived from the Scandinavian Eirik.

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@wild I like that spelling as well. I also really like Elrick.

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id say it was a personal preference, both are about the same if you can’t make up your mind, just flip a coin.

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Here is the deal;

If your surname is something relatively common like Williams or Brown or Smith or Jones or Johnson, make it Erich so that you offset a common surname with an uncommon spelling of the first name.

If your surname is Biezonski or Tabachnik or Parafiorito or Hadjiharalambous, go with Eric because the surname is so distinctive and you won’t need the singularity that would come with Erich or Erik.

If your surname is Scandinavian, like Johannsen or Andersen or Lundqvist, go with Erik to be ethnically consistent.


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He’s cutest!!

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I prefer Eric over Erik, but both are fine.

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