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Does anyone even watch/follow baseball any more? (I do)

Asked by yankeetooter (9651points) April 4th, 2011

It seems like there are fewer and fewer people who follow baseball any more…why is that? Are our lives so hectic nowadays that we can only appreciate the more fast-paced sports? What are your thoughts?

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I still do! And the Rangers whooped some tail on opening day this last Friday!!!

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Hey! My Orioles are 3–0 so far, and the Yankees lost yesterday, so life is good!

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My partner and I do – die hard Yankees fans.

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Why do you think fewer people follow baseball now-a-days? I still do and always will. The Braves are going to kick some ass this year!

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I think baseball is the second most boring major sport there is. I can’t stand watching it and I don’t know how people get so worked up about singular games… there’s 162 in a season, one rarely matters on its own.

I don’t mind playing baseball…. but god help me if I have to watch more than about 10 minutes of it I want to cry.

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@erichw1504 : See below you for your answer…I just think that a lot of people can not handle the slower pace of the game. I know a lot of people who feel like @tedd,....I thankfully, am not one of them.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir I am trying to respectfully accept your opinion, lol!

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@yankeetooter I think watching baseball is definitely an acquired taste that one can only get at a young age. It may not be for everyone, but a lot of people definitely like it.

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I once read something about base ball…“It’s the only sport that you can cram 5 minutes of action into one hour.” (heh!) I’m just not much into watching any sports. But…this I could watch all day long!!

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@noelleptc He was saying he thinks people don’t watch baseball anymore because it’s not one of the fast-paced sports….. I think.

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@noelleptc UGH, Dora makes me feel like a grumpy troll, LOL.

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The SF Bay Area is definitely following baseball this year, as we did last year! Go Giants!

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I prefer Rounders, to play that is….. I do wear a baseball hat from time to time to keep the sun out of my eyes…. The best thing to come out of baseball… that & the bat, so many uses….. :-/

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I don’t, on the grounds that baseball sucks.

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Never been into it myself, but then as all Englishmen know, it’s just girlie rounders after all ;¬}

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Lots of people still follow baseball.

Major League attendance is up.

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@marinelife I must just work with the wrong group of people. They don’t like to read either…sigh!

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I follow it much more than I used to. Even got the family tickets for one game this year. Hard to get tickets around here. I think the season is pretty much sold out already. Maybe not on stub hub.

I used to be a Red Sox fan, but a world series or two cured that. I guess I believe in rooting for the home town team, wherever my home town happens to be. It took me over a decade to switch, but I follow my home town team now. I live in Philly. It’s been easy to be a fan for the last three years. Very easy. It’s almost a lifestyle change—switching from a perennial loser to a perennial winner.

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I just looked it up. seems to be some kind of rounders played by grown men.

I guess its a bit like cricket, but less subtle and much less popular.

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Oh, absolutely I do. I have season tickets for the local team, and had for several seasons. I also have season tickets for hockey and basketball. but baseball is the ultimate in sports!

From my local team, I know the players and coaches, know the President by name, and most employees of the ball park. I rode with the team on a couple road trips, get to go to meet the player dinners, and absolutely the summer when baseball is happeneing.

I love it because not only every game counts, but for sure every PITCH counts. When my favorite team won their first Championship, it was won by one run after the third strike drop rule went into effect. Every pitch of ever game is absolutely vital not only to the game being played now, but for the season standings. One pitch could be the difference between playoffs and going home. Between a Championship and the disappointed walk off of the field. It’s the national past time, and every kid should be brought to the ball park as often as possinle. Show them the boys of summer, playing their hearts out, striving to become the best of their field. Thousands, millions, will try, but few make it to the show. It is the ultimate in the American Dream, and I love every second of it.

No matter if it’s MLB, AA, NAL, FL, CAL, or even the VBBA which, techincally isn’t baseball but base ball (yes, there is a huge difference) it doesn’t matter. Baseball is one of the greatest spectacles for all to enjoy, and for just $9.00 a game for premium seats, it’s a great American deal for THE Great American Game for all to enjoy!! Go out to the old ball game, and you won’t be disappointed.

To answer your question, YES, I like baseball.

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I have been a Braves fan for as long as I can remember. I loved when I was able to attend Training Camp, year after year. I love baseball!

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Yes! There are many who still watch/follow baseball. My Mom (age 91) is a die hard Tigers fan and has been all her life. She watches every game from April (spring training) to the very end of the season.

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Go Tigers!

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Too late @wilma ! They lost to the Orioles!

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@yankeetooter My roommate is a religious Orioles fan. And when I say religious, I mean it. We’re in Ireland for a semester, so he streams the games at all hours of the night. Today when we were out getting some food to go, he was wondering whether or not he was jinxing himself by not watching the game, based on the logic that so far he’s been glued to the screen and they’ve won every game…

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