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What's a video upload site I can use to temporarily upload a TV episode to share with a person?

Asked by seekingwolf (10407points) April 4th, 2011

BTW, I’m sorry if this is against “copyright law” or whatever. I’m not sure if it is. I’m not meaning to break any laws here so please hear me out.

My boyfriend and I are both really into Dexter. We have watched the first couple seasons on Netflix Instant (we share my account) together. It’s fun. Unfortunately, the next seasons aren’t on Instant.

I have the first DVD of the next season from Netflix with me now. I really want to watch it with him but I’m 3 hours away at college so this makes things difficult.

I would like to find a video upload site where I could upload an episode from the DVD (I can rip it with my computer) and show it to be him privately. I have no intentions of showing it to anyone else or even keeping it. I would delete the episode when we are done watching and then upload the other one. We could watch it together that way.

Does anyone know of a site where I could do this? The episodes are about 50 minutes long each.

I understand that this is the “grey area” of the copyright law and honestly, I don’t care too much since I’m not distributing the material publicly or making a profit. I just want to know how I can do this. Thanks.

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I emailed you a link directly where you can watch several different shows and Dexter is one of them.

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Thank you thank you. I got it. :) Much lurve to you.

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megavideo or megaupload

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There are plenty of sharing sites, but the general problem is that the free limit is 2GB. DVD sizing is 4.7GB. There are plenty of tools such as realplayer that allow you to convert the DVD files into another format that you can upload and share.
Outside this, I have an FTP site that I would grant you access to so you can upload, and subsequently have the other person download the data to. If you want to go this option, message me.

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