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If you sent someone an important email and they did not respond (yet your email did not ask for a response), would you give them a hand written note, in addition?

Asked by jca (36002points) April 4th, 2011

I asked a question on here a few weeks ago about scheduling my daughter’s birthday party. In the question, I said that there are two other kids in her class that might have parties at the same time. One of the answers suggested I contact the other two parents to tell them our party date, so there are no misunderstandings.

I decided to use email since it’s neat and efficient. I sent both sets of parents a brief email letting them know the date and explaining my reasoning for the email – so that there are no conflicts. I did not ask for a response. One set of parents responded. The other did not. Should I put a hand written note in the child’s box at school, to the parents? I got their email address from the teacher, but you know with email there’s no guarantee that it’s been received, for various reasons.

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I would call them if you can.

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I would put the note in the box. It’s non-confrontational and if for some reason they still don’t want to respond, you leave them that option.

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No. I often see emails of the “FYI” variety as not needing a reply, so I don’t. But I definitely got your email.

In the future, you might ask for some kind of response so you don’t have this issue again.

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another option is I could re-send the original email with another piece on it saying “Please respond so I know I sent this to the correct email address.”

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I’m with @Skaggfacemutt Since there wasn’t a request to respond, give the parents a call if you want to double-check. It side-steps the need to follow-up should they not respond to a note.

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I personally would call them, but a hand written note is OK.

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Sure, why not? Email is casual enough that some people don’t feel the urgency of immediate response and then because most people received dozens of inbox messages at a time, it’s likely your message got buried.

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I called them this evening, and they had received my original email. Even though my email did not specifically ask for a response, I felt like if I had received it, I would have responded with one or two sentences, as a courtesy. Anyway, the mom was friendly and I was glad I asked Fluther!

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Glad everything went okay, however, as to the Emails.. you should ask for replies in the future (a simple reply with your original message is enough) because some do not organize their account and often messages can be sent by the provider directly into the spam box and as we all know some people just does not check this box but instead takes the provider at face value and deletes the entire thing.. By requesting a reply you eliminate this (often) situation.

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