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(I'm a college student) Should I add a potential manager on Facebook?

Asked by Syger (1384points) April 4th, 2011

So, A few weeks ago I applied at a Gamestop that had a friendly manager who seems to enjoy my company when I come into the store and make smalltalk. She’s a pretty nice, mid 20’s and friendly person overall. I stopped by today and chat for a few minutes and to ask how my application status was; to be told she doesn’t know if she can hire until mid May- ok, cool.

She also said I was one of her favorites (customers) since I was friendly and yadda yadda and a lot of stoners tend to come in. I asked if she remembered my name and she joked if she could cheat by looking at my card info during the transaction.
As I was leaving and telling her to have a nice day she said “You too, ****.” Which I’m probably reading too much into but she also didn’t card my ID; which I would probably use as a lighthearted potential conversation starter.

I’m wondering if I should add her on Facebook and get to be buddies with her- or if adding her on Facebook would be creepy and hurt my chances at the job.
[I’m putting this in the general section simply because I don’t want to start a flame war about Gamestop being like cancer to the game industry]

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Just wait a while. She might get a little creep’d!

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No, I would not advise this at all.

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Bad move. Don’t do it!

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No, no, no, no, no….do not add her to Facebook….not even _if_you get the job. Never.

Don’t mix business with your personal life….there have been a lot of horror stories and you don’t want to be one of them.

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Nope. Not now and not later.
I have heard about people getting in all kinds of work issues, because they expose their personal life up for work contacts to peer into.

You also don’t wanna shit where you eat either.

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I was figuring not; but wasn’t too sure. I’m sort of banking on getting this job since it was the only place I could find within a reasonable distance I have some experience with (gaming) and that was even accepting applications. I just want to do everything within my power to get the job and wasn’t sure if befriending her outside of the workplace would be helpful.
Thanks :D

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Absolutely not. That’s a bad idea. I wouldn’t in the future either.

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Another vote to not do it. If you are interested in striking up a relationship outside of a work environment, it is one thing. If you desire to work there, it is different. Maintain the boundary. Not only will sending a Friend Request on FB probably not help you get the job, there are things that get posted that a co-worker does not need or want to know.

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I stick by what my dad taught me. Keep your personal and professional lives, separate.

@blueiiznh – Oh, I lurve you! You took the exact phrase out of my mouth!

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I would say… no.

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Another no vote here.

Potential benefit is greatly outweighed by potential damage.

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One more “no” to add to the pile. If I were in her position, I’d think that you were interested in me romantically, which would definitely hurt your chances at getting the job. Don’t be a creepo!

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In a way, I think you totally should add her to facebook.

But in another, more accurate way, adding her to your facebook would be an island of wrong in a sea of NO.

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Unless your Facebook pages is absolutely pristine as far as no references to drinking. no foul language, no jokes about criminal behavior, in other words, unless you would want a potential employer to look at it, you should not friend her.

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Bad move; don’t do it. According to a survey conducted by nearly half of all employers in 2009 used social network sites to screen applicants, up from 22% in 2008.

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Only if you use facebook exclusively for business networking, and plan to always keep it that way. Otherwise I think it’s highly imprudent. Add him on LinkedIn instead.

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You have no idea what could end up on your wall on facebook. Don’t believe the surity features, because these are buggy.

If you feel so compelled to connect, use Linkedin for your business social networking.

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Consider: if you do add this person, it could cause her to question your intentions and your sense of appropriateness. And it could expose a potential boss to more of your personal life than you might want to share in the workplace. In other words: a liability.

On the other hand, if this prospective manager likes you as a job candidate, she is not going to say: “Well, gee, I’d like to hire Syger, but he hasn’t friended me on Facebook, so—no deal.”

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No. By all means, no. Absolutely not.

Need any more?

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How about no?

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