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Mirror Writing: Are you able to mirror write or can anyone you know do this?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24591points) April 4th, 2011

I’ve learned yet another thing about my child recently. He’s 5yrs old and can mirror write

Now I’m curious to know if anyone here in Fluther does this, has done this, has a child or family member that can do this???

Apparently people that can mirror write are usually lefties, but my son is a righty.

If you do this or someone you know does, are you/they a lefty or a righty?

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I can do this if I hold a pen in both hands and write in opposite directions, so that my left hand is doing the exact opposite motions of the right. Otherwise, no way.

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I am right handed and I can mirror write. I didn’t realize there was a name for it! I used to do it a lot in high school, I even turned in several assignments written that way.

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Yes but only with my left hand (i’m more right handed)

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Oh, yeah, I could. I need a mirror to do that, but I could do it and I am right handed.

They say that the best at doing this are dentists because they essentially make a living working like this. Working through mirrors to drill those molars.

In case you’re wondering, and haven’t figured it out from past posts, I do not work as a dentist.

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My dad is very good at this. The reason why is because he worked as an aviation mechanic and a lot of the work that they did was up inside the planes where it could only be seen by having a mirror placed up inside and then working “backwards.” We went to a science museum that had an interactive exhibit about mirror writing and he did really well. The rest of us couldn’t do it at all and it felt very awkward.

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Oh i’m a dab hand…...on reflection, my son is far more polished at this particular trick.

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Sure I can. I’m right-handed. I’m much quicker at writing upside-down than backwards, though. I wonder if that counts?

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Yes. I taught myself to do this in script just for the novelty of it. I also taught myself to write upside down. The latter was to disguise my handwriting once when I drew my best friend’s name for a “Secret Santa” game at school. It’s interesting to see how many characteristics of your natural handwriting persist even upside down or backwards.

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.etirw rorrim nac taht retsinis rehtonA

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@everephebe It took me a while to read that ;)

Can any of you mirror read I guess fewer can do this without the use of a mirror?

We think our son can, but aren’t certain yet. He definitely can sight read both ways

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( : !revelc dekciw sdnous nos rouY .tsaf sa ton tub ,haey hO

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When I was young I taught myself to, as a fun trick, and I’ve always been able to read backwards and upside down and stuff, because I was the youngest and always the last to get the cool stuff to read. It used to make my sisters nuts that I could read what they were reading when they had the books, magazines, whatever on the table.

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Yes, I can read reverse writing pretty fast. Upside-down too. Being able to read upside down is very useful when you’re sitting across the desk from the professor or the manager.

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I’m a lefty, and I sort of can.

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exactly what @thorninmud said.

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I’m a righty, and I used to do this all the time in high school. A boyfriend and I sent each other notes/letters written backward, upside down, and in spirals. Fun!

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I’m a righty. I did it a lot in my diaries growing up. I would start at the bottom left of the page, write backwards for one line, move up one line and write forward, move up a line again and write backwards, so on and so forth.

@augustlan I did the spiral thing when I passed notes, too. . . Somehow it made it feel more secretive, even if everyone could read it. I used to fold them into strange shapes. :)

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Yes I write in the mirror image as this is their standard form of reading and writing due to a visual condition of birth known in medical terms a Strephosymbolia ( Twisted Symbols ) is the meaning of it , Now commonly known as Dyslexia and I have the condition myself where the word bill = llid to my range of vision .

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