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Is there an easy way to send a (large) MP3 file to another email account?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11268points) April 4th, 2011

I have some MP3’s of a show (not just a song or full CD of music) that I would like to forward to my friend (who lives in France) via email. This would be a two hour show. Is there a way to send a show that doesn’t take forever to attach? A program I can download to do this? (One that is understandable and easy to use)?

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Do you use a cloud, if you do you can upload your show or mp’s to a folder of the cloud and grant him/her access to the folder of the cloud and email the link to the cloud. You would be able to say how long the link would be good for, either indefinately or expire on a particular date. I did that for the person looking for a copy of the Rolling Stone Magazine, I downloaded it for them and then gave them the link for 30 days access.

El_Cadejo's avatar Just go on there, click on browse, select the file, hit upload. It will then give you a link that you can send to that person and they just direct download it from the site.

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@creative1…...I have no idea what a cloud is. (I see you rolling your eyes! LOL)
@uberbatman….Thanks! I will give it a shot….

Lurve coming to you both!

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Microsoft has/had a cloud storage thingy that was free. I’m not sure what variation of “Windows” and “Live” they’re using it for now, though.

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Dropbox is another possibility.

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Yahoo mail has a plugin that allows you to email large files.

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If you’re stuck with nothing but e-mail, one method is to create a multipart archive and e-mail each piece. WinRAR is probably the most popular way to do that using a nagware product. Unfortunately this can be a little cumbersome. Install WinRAR and google around how to make the archive (it is a bit cumbersome) – and whoever is on the other side will need an un-rar client (WinRAR, again works, but I think 7-Zip is a better for un-archiving because it’s free software except for the RAR part).

When you make your archive, you’ll want to size it so each part is less than the size of the limit on e-mail attachments for your e-mail provider. Most of the free ones limit you to 20–25MB per message, so under 20MB should be a safe size for gmail, hotmail, or yahoo. My ISP limits me to 10MB for SMTP mail. Not sure what you use for mail, so you may want to find out what the limit is. With a 200MB file, a 10MB limit means sending 20 pieces.

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Large is a relative term. What is the file size?

@bolwerk mp3 or other audio files really do not compress well.

You can try send-it which uses email as the transport notification and link delivery and the free subscription allows for up to 2GB

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@blueiiznh: I wasn’t suggesting it for compression. It’s the multipart archive feature that matters in this case.

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@bolwerk that is also a potential good solution…

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I use Dropbox for this. I have a folder that I can share with other Dropbox customers. And sign up is free for a basic account!

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