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80s hits (British) that can be sung unaccompanied?

Asked by downtide (23515points) April 4th, 2011

I have foolishly set myself a challenge in my local folk club, that next time I will sing 80s hits. As I don’t actually play an instrument, and I won’t have time to rehearse with any of the other musicians, I need songs that will sound good when sung unaccompanied, with no backing track/guitar or anything else. I can sing anything from tenor up to mezzo-soprano, male or female. Ideally the songs should be recognised by a British audience. I need ideas for 3 or 4 songs that I can perform in 2 weeks time.


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Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you dow-how-hown…
And maybe Angel Eyes by Wet Wet Wet

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Give me time to realize my crime. When I first saw this question, the first thing to pop into the musical muscle of the head is Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? by Culture Club.

Spice up the act and crossdress if you dare. ;-)

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@12Oaks That’s a good one, I can definitely sing that.

@rebbel somehow I don’t think those old blokes will understand the concept of being Rickrolled…

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Gotto have a look myself at what Rickrolled is…...

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@rebbel Rick Astley. The guy who sung the song you recommended.

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I know the guy, i only (until minutes ago) had no idea what Rickrolled was.
Thanks anyway.

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Pete Townshend’s Slit Skirts

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Phil Collins In the Air Tonight.

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“Another One Bites the Dust” or “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen
“Wake Me Up Before You Go-go” by Wham!
“Rio” by Duran Duran
“Who’s That Girl?” or “It’s Alright” by the Eurythmics
“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears

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@chyna Yeah, nice one, in the middle you can go: tooktook-thukkuh-took-took-thud.

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Does it absolutely have to be British? My first thought was Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time or True Colors.

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Sorry that my linking action is not functioning right now.

Every Day is Like Sunday by Morrissey

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me by Culture Club

If You Leave by OMD

Our House by Madness (but you have to sing parts of it very fast)

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I did an open mic and sang an a capella version of Clare by Eddi Reader. Try Perfect or The Moon is Mine. She’s pretty soprano, though.

Perhaps you could sing something by Scritti Politti. You might be able to replicate Green Gartside’s range. He’s a tenor.

Ooh, or something by Prefab Sprout. Man, I’m so sad that Paddy McAloon has such bad tinnitus, he can no longer perform.

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@aprilsimnel I’ve never heard of any of those songs or artists and I lived through the 80’s LOL. I guess I’ll have to get on the Youtube tongiht.

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Queen has a whole stable of toe tapping sing-a-longs….even though this one was born a year or two before the 80’s….who doesn’t want to climb up on the picnic bench and fist pump to this chorus

all together now…

Tie your Mother down
Tie your Mother down
Lock your Daddy out of doors
I don’t need him nosing around
Tie your Mother down
Tie your Mother down
Give me all your love tonight

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How about:

So in Love with You by Erasure.

Come back and Stay by Paul Young.

People are People by Depeche Mode.

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@augustlan It doesn’t have to be a British act, it only has to have been a hit here, otherwise no-one else will recognise it.

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_makes notes for “In The Air Tonight” and “True Colours”.

Unfortunately many of the other selections have some heavy reliance on backing music and are going to be near-impossible to sing without it. It also has to be something that was a hit. I want the other people in the club to know the song.

I found one myself that’s exactly what I’m looking for: For The Longest Time

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@Brian1946 Paul Young – good choice although Wherever I lay my hat might be a better one to do without backing music. makes more notes

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You should post video afterward. Concert, whoo hoo!

Good luck and have fun!

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@ucme I remember the Flying Pickets but I like Yazoo’s version better.

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@downtide Well absolutely, of course it’s way better. Just seemed to me that particular version met with your requirements.

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