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What is your description of the differences that separate leaders from rulers?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) April 4th, 2011

If you had to tell someone what are the difference in a leader and a ruler what would you say?

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Leaders make decisions that are in their minds are in the best interest of the ones they lead. Rulers make decisions that benefit their own personal goals and agenda.

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A leader leads, a ruler rules.

Leading implies that there is a direction to be followed… an end to be reached. Ruling suggests a required submission to a series of whims and desires.

Therefore, a leader is one who guides a populous to a certain end or goal (that may or may not be agreed upon). Whereas a ruler is a dominant figure to whom servitude is required.

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Off of the top of my head:

A leader considers himself and is considered by others in the group as a member of that group, whereas a ruler is removed from those he rules.

The decisions made by a leader have an effect on the leader as well as those he leads. The decisions of a ruler may regard only the lives of those he rules, while not having an impact on his own life.

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Leaders inspire, rulers suppress.

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Leaders guide, rulers control. Leaders succeed, rules don’t.

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A leader is trying to take you someplace else, a ruler is trying to keep you where you are.

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