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UPDATED: Did i do the right thing?

Asked by Fallenangel (260points) April 19th, 2008

So my ex went away for a little wile, and 1/2 the time she was gone i really missed her, but we still talked a good bit, and at the end of a lot of those conversations i found myself really just wanting to knock myself out so i didnt have to deal with it anymore.
She came back today and visited me at work, and seeing here again really just made merealize how much i really did miss her…

Now what? =/

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Take it slow :)

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I agree with ninjaxmarc. Obviously you like the girl, that’s probably why you got together in the first place, but from your previous question, it sounds like you want to do very different things.
No reason you can’t try a date or two, but don’t give up your way, opportunities or ambitions for a relationship that’s so fresh.

You’re in your teens, you should be discovering, not retreating. Having said that, she’s young too and you’re both likely to go through a lot of changes over the next few years so you never know…

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I think I know what needs to happen. Maybe this time we can spend a little less time together ( I estimated that out of a week we probaly spent about 24 to 36 hours together) and a little more time going out anf having fun.

But we still arnt going to be “together” persay yet, i really dont feel like being tied down again. At least not yet

What do yall think about the whole hitting thing?

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Go to a party together, see how you work when you’re around others…..that can often give you a good indication of how well you work together.

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She’s not really a party person =/

Her dad has a drinking problem so she really sint a fan. I was thinking more of like, friend stuff. Like hanging out at the mall, or going and seeing a movie; stuff like that just to see if we can have fun and be awake when were around eachother.

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Go fishing my friend…my advice.

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A euphemism for searching for another girlfriend / S.O., as in “There are other fish in the sea.”

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Oh, ok.

So your saying to follow S.O.P. for a break up, and just movie on?

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I agree with sndfreQ. Go back to your last question and read the things you said about this relationship. You hit a dead end with her. You said she was always yelling at you and hitting you, and she never wanted to go out. You are too young to be stuck at home with someone who doesn’t make you feel good, and sits next to you on a couch texting other people. If you are considering getting back together with her, what is to stop these things from happening again?

I think you should find someone who has more in common with you. I know you miss her, and it hurts, but you won’t get over her if you keep contact with her. If anyone ever needed a breath of fresh air, it’s you my friend.

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Stay away. I’m speaking from my own experience. Anyone who’s reached the age of 17 and hasn’t figured out that hitting is unacceptable is too immature to maintain a healthy relationship. Have enough respect for yourself to tell this girl to get lost. Ignore your feelings for her and use your intelligence.

I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but maybe I can save you some of the extreme hassle that I experienced.

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