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Do you have cable TV through a traditional cable provider?

Asked by jca (36002points) April 5th, 2011

Do you have cable TV through a traditional pay by month cable provider? I am asking because I do, I pay for a “bundle” which is cable, phone and internet, and I pay about $150 a month from Comcast (does not include HBO or Starz). One of my friends was just telling me he gave up his cable and watches thru Hulu, and he was also talking about other ways to watch cable, either thru the computer or by buying a satellite dish.

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No. I have my internet through Comcast, and I just watch everything online.

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I have FIOS through Verizon, but it’s turning out to be not much cheaper…

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We have our internet and cable TV through Time-Warner. We don’t have our landline phone through them because I don’t like to put all of my eggs in one basket. And yes, we have a landline. Our cell reception at home is terrible.

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No. I use an antenna (free), Roku (free), and $8 per month Netflix.
Lately I have been watching Vimeo on Roku if I have a few minutes to waste.

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Same as @tedibear with Vonage as landline provider.

We’re thinking of getting rid of the landline…but it has come in handy.

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I’ve got everything on a bundle, probably paying too much, but the convenience is the key for me. “Paying too much” is relative, anyway.

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Bundle through Time Warner, about the same cost as yours. CNET had an editor that went off the cable but returned because a lack of several TV feeds.

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I have cable TV from Time Warner.

My land line phone service and internet are provided by AT&T.

I don’t like bundling to singularity because if my cable or my DSL have service outages, then I least have the other medium to suffice during that time.

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Did the satellite thing for the last 8 years, recently moved and have the cable bundle now. The internet is insanely fast through cable!

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We have Fios through Verizon with a bundle for phone, internet, and cable. We have a landline so that our son can easily call for help if he ever needs to without hunting down our cell phones. We thought about trying just the minimum for cable and then using NetFlix for the instant streaming, but it’s much easier to have the package for our son.

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We have the 3 way bundle through Comcast, we pay what you do plus an extra $50 per month to get all the channels that don’t charge an extra fee.

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I used to
.Not anymore though….
I don’t watch much tv anymore and quite like it that way.:)

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Nope. In the 6 years that my husband and I have lived in this house we have never had cable. We do Netflix and Roku, and a good old fashioned antenna.

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My roommate got a phone/internet/cable package deal from Time Warner. He watches a lot of sports and movies.

I watch Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, and lately, The Borgias. Sometimes, I’ll watch Good Eats. We pay our shares accordingly, thank goodness.

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Roof antenna (installed in 1986 and now amortized), converter box ($40) and old CRT. It’s all fine.

$100/month ($15 of which are taxes) for land-line, unlimited calls to US and Canada,and medium DSL speed with 24 hour tech support.

$25/month for the emergency cell phone, which I rarely use.

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I have FIOS, which gives me the same bundle you have for about $132 a month.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I’m glad to see there are other sensible people out there. ;-)
There’s more on Roku than you can ever watch. I decided to watch old Sci Fi so I went to pub a dub and bounced through a couple of cheesy Sci Fi from the 50s and 60s. Oh, and how about those Educational videos about “virtue” from the 50’s? Hilarious.

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I am absolutely crazy about my Roku. I wouldn’t trade it for cable if the cable was free. And that’s the truth.

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I’m with you! (I don’t use any of the pay channels. What for? ) Do you Vimeo? There sure are creative people in the world.

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I have basic cable through Charter, pretty decent and not extremely expensive. We’ve considered ditching cable and just using the internet, but we like to watch sitcoms in syndication all the time and you can’t really get those shows all the time through Hulu or other services.

Maybe when we move we’ll give it a go and see how long we can last without cable.

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@erichw1504 I can’t live w/out Big Bang asap ;)

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Don’t go with satellite – if it rains, you’re screwed. Honest. I had a satellite dish for years and was relieved when I found out that this apartment building doesn’t allow them.

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@Seelix We had the same issue. It went up, then down within a matter of a few months. We couldn’t stand it. If we even had an overcast day, coverage was spotty at best & in Wis we have lots of overcast/windy days

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@worriedguy no, but I will now. My favorites are TED, Netflix and Newscaster. I’m getting into Crackle, too. Oh, and NPR, recently.

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Yes, TED is great and informative. But it requires an attention span of longer than 10 minutes. I do like it though. Also the NASA Channel.
Did you see the one on NPR ” Why can’t we walk straight?” and “The Bug highway.”
I found them through Vimeo. I like CrunchyRoll because it is in Japanese – thousands of shows -. Anime, Drama, etc. I can listen in Japanese and watch the subtitles if I turn them on. Excellent practice and good “young people” vocabulary. Pub-a-dub is a riot. I went to the classic commercial section and watched cigarette ads from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Now I know why our parents got hooked.
Tell me again, why do people pay to watch Snookie and her fellow dimbulbs? I forget.

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I just looked up Crackle – It’s On – You are an evil woman Nef. ;-)

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Don’t blame me, blame Roku for being so awesome.

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I found the Seinfeld plugs on Crackle a bit annoying so I switched over to Pub. Just that channel has more than I can ever watch.
Roku means “6” in Japanese. I wonder if there is a connection.

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We have Comcast and I hate them. They are such a damn ripoff. I didn’t want cable when we moved, but my husband did it immediately so can’t back out now :(

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Nope, gave up cable a couple of years ago..I pretty much watch everything online these days.

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I LOVE my Roku. We still have cable through Comcast, bundled with phone and internet. We are considering letting the TV go, watching Hulu Plus, Amazon Plus and Netflix on Roku, using something like Magic Jack for the landline (only because we’ve had the number forever) and keeping Comcast for the HSI, because it’s faster. That combination will beat our “bundle” of $150/month by about $70.

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@Yetanotheruser That is a great idea. I have high speed via cable and connect to my Roku via WiFi HSI. That is the only cable bill I pay. No cable TV. I still use an antenna and converter box for watching network TV.
I can watch TV when cable service is down.

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Reading this thread and having conversations with people who have Roku box is making me want one. Costco has one for about 80 or 90 bucks. Very tempting as my Comcast bill is way too high. I have to call Comcast (keep forgetting) and discuss ways to cut the cost.

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