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How much of your income for 2010 was spent on the Afghanistan war?

Asked by Brian1946 (23399points) April 5th, 2011

Here’s a quickie calculator that will give you an estimate of how much you spent on it.

If you’re GE or one of several other corporations, I don’t think you spent anything for it. ;-)

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I could have bought a new 50in flat screen :(
Although I’m a little skeptical about giving out my address lol.

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That’s OK with me. I believe in the attempt to root out the stronghold for terrorism in Afghanistan. Would that that would have been our focus after 2011 than all of the wasted effort in Iraq. How many billions went down the tubes on that one?

What I am upset about is that many, many countries have foundered over the years on the rocky terrain of Afghanistan and that we have no clear exit strategy is troubling to me.

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Less than one half of one percent of one point five percent of my total reported income.

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That’s a silly calculator. It just multiplies your estimated taxable income by the defense spending portion of total government expenditures. It’s not really about Afghanistan.

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$1384 according to the calculator.

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Zero, considering I had no taxable income in 2010. I guess unemployment has its perks!

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Zero, every cent I pay in taxes goes directly to pay for services like Social Security and Medicare. I know this because I am receiving Social Security benefits.

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It’s okay with me too. Afghanistan is a worthy cause.

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