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What do you find your self buying more of and is a collection at home?

Asked by wifeysays (163points) April 5th, 2011

I have a collection of lotions, art & crafts building up, clothes, purses, piggy banks, My husband knows there is more that can be added. There is a piggy bank in each room and the laundry room too which helps. Oh yes and cleaning supplies and smell goods.

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Little Golden Books,
Old doors,
Vintage clothing,
Vintage picnic baskets

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Mugs. Every time I go to a new place, I get a mug. My favorite is the Starbucks mug from Hiroshima.

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@wilma Doorknobs wow what do you do with them, some time of crafts or display?

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@Dr_Dredd Awe Me too Starbucks mug and or different cool mugs. Im trying my best daily to organize my items at home and donate stuff that I have double of or more.

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Books, blankets, and socks.

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Wow @wilma…we collect the same things! I also collect vintage postcards, children’s books and animals ;)

@wifeysays I use doorknobs and hinges for actual purposes, as well as just for looking at. We have doorknob towel hangers, hinges as pen holders and doorknobs as curtain hangers (in place of rods) and as tie-backs.

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Yes the famous socks especially at Target, then I can’t find the other pair so I end up wearing not matching socks.Geez good thing its now a trend not to match.

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True, but I have so many socks that I don’t wear the same pair for almost 2 months.

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@wifeysays , I use them for doorknobs and other things like @SpatzieLover does.
I also just like them, they are all unique. I’m not into new knobs, only the older ones that have had lots of hands touching them. Porcelain, and intricate brass or glass. Just think of the people who have used them.
I feel them.

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No kidding, I have a rather extensive collection of single malt scotch bottles.

Hey, everybody needs a hobby! ;)

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@wilma my 5yr old son loves them all. He used to play with our lock & key collection for hours…skeleton keys are amazing!

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Bags and shoes
Teapots & tea accessories

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I don’t collect anything for the sake of it being on display but do get little binges going of buying a particular thing until I feel the need is filled. For example, now that I am relatively settled then I felt it safe to complete my china, crystal and silver patterns. My fiancee now has a nice selection of cuff links and dress ties and my mother has been spoiled with completions to several sets of her glass patterns.

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Those cheesy metal rooster knick-knacks,and gun stuff.

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Art supplies. I keep buying them thinking, “I’m going to make something awesome with that!” and every year, my relatives always give me those huge art supply sets in the cases. My room is littered with old tubes of acrylic paint, charcoals, bristol board, textured paper, notebooks, graphite, dry pastels, oil pastels, conte crayons, brushes, and plastic cups with dried paint on them. I also have tons and tons of books around here.

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Lawnmowers. My 14 yr old has discovered he has a knack for fixing things and just yesterday he brought home a riding mower he repaired at his autos club. We now have 5 mowers, 2 snow blowers, 2 weed whackers and 2 chainsaws all he got for free and has fixed himself. I am on his ass to start selling these things!

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Art glass perfume bottles and really glass artworks generally when I can afford them. I don’t like clutter so I tend not to collect other things.

I wouldn’t say I collect these things but I do accumulate them (toiletries (from hotels, I already confessed this), books, shoes, perfume).

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