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Question about Ebay? Details inside?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 5th, 2011

I bought something off of Ebay. The person lives in Detroit, and my thinking was, my g/f and I would drive there to pick it up (it’s only an hour away). It is a chair, and the cost was 95 bucks. The seller had the shipping cost at 75. When I emailed the seller, I mentioned that I would pick it up. Perhaps, this weekend. I would give him the 95 dollars, then. This was a few days ago, and I haven’t heard from the seller. Maybe, they’re away, but, it looks as though they deal with people often through the week, as I see they leave feedback often. I am wondering if the guy (or lady) wanted to charge a bit extra for shipping??? Should I just wait a few days and see if they respond?

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Wait. It sounds as though they were going to get a bit extra for the shipping to add to what they got for the chair.

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Most ebay sellers do have a bit “packed” into their shipping quotes to balance out their estimated shipping and handling for their inventory overall. If this is a private seller with just a few items then they’re probably just away.

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It’s possible that they wanted to tack extra on to the cost of postage. It has happened to me a few times. The usual procedure (for future purchases for your extremely cool pad) is to email beforehand and ask if you can pick it up. A lot of dealers get a little “testy” when you ask them to pick up an item at their home. They don’t like it or want you to do that. However, depending on their items, they may have just not seen your email. (For example, do they have a lot of listings where your email might have gotten lost?) I would email them again.

“Hello….this is my second email to you and I am a bit concerned as I have not heard from you. I won (item) in an auction and rather than have you post it, I would like to come to pick it up as Detroit isn’t that far away. I would like to come pick it up this weekend (April 9 or 10th) whatever might be convenient for you. Thank you for your kind attention.”

Good luck!

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I just checked my email:

Hi. Sorry about not responding right away, I didn’t see a message notification until this evening. To answer your question about local pick-up. I’m about 45 mins from the Detroit/Windsor border. You can pick it up in Utica if you like or I can meet you in downtown Detroit (near the GM building) one day when I am there. Either way I would prefer payment in advance through PayPal so we both have a record of payment and so I can pay my eBay fees which are due.
Let me know which pick-up scenario is best for you.

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@Jude,....Oh good….at least you got a response….hope this works out for you! Fingers crossed.

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If a seller is local to me I will always email them before I place a bid to see if pickup is an option. Some will flatly refuse, so they lose my bid and I move on. I do this prior to bidding so I won’t get stuck obligated to a purchase I can’t pick up.

I also don’t bid at all for those with inflated shipping charges and I’ll sometimes drop them an email letting them know that.

If I were in your situation, I think I’d be more comfortable telling them that I’d pay them cash upon pickup rather than ahead of time but it’s up to you and what you’d be comfortable with.

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