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Have you ever gotten truly, madly, fliptastically excited over a new purchase?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) April 5th, 2011

I just purchased a very lovely painting from a sweet, special jelly. It’s being shipped to me. I! Can’t! Wait!

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Yesyesyesyes! The night before last, I bought two super nice sniper rifles. I’m going mad while I’m waiting for them to arrive!

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My 1935 Mauser C96. I wanted one for years and I finally found one at a gun show. I didn’t have enough cash at the time, so I had to come back the next day. $700 later, it was safely in my collection. Pretty rad, considering it’s been appraised at $900+

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Last year I was pretty tickled after getting a new husquarvarna saw. It’s cool to see the chips roost out 10 feet back, or to the front.
I would be unable to contain myself with a new sniping gun too.

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Not for any artwork. I did get all excited when my wood arrived and I got to build me a front deck, fence, and shed. Also got that way when I found the pefect ukulele. One other thing is my game worn autographed jersey* from Mr. 714 himself, Brad Halsey!!

* I won an auction for charity during a game. After the game, all the bid winners met in the concorse. The players came up and out, and when the winners were called we got to meet the players (the ones who we won and all the rest) and they took off the jersey right in front of you and handed it to you in person. Brad Halsey then used my shoulder to sign the jersey. I just love that thing. What’s it worth? NOTHING!!! It’s not for sale. No price, ever.

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The water heater that my SO bought for our house in England.

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Yup! I bought a pair of these after Christmas and was super pumped! They just about ripped my feet off for a couple of weeks, but they’re oh-so-sexy that I still love them a TON.

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@Seelix Girls always get excited over shoes. Always found that right funny. My wife complains because I won’t get new shoes until, quite literally, my old shoes fall apart. Usually takes about 2 years. My work boots have absolutely no tread left on the sole and maybe a quarter inch left before the sole disappears. Quarter inch? Should get at least 8 more months out of them.

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@12Oaks My hubby does the same thing. It’s… distressing!

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Where do people get extra money to buy stuff?

I found my dream bathing suit two weeks before heading off to Key West last summer. Yup, a 1950s halter top black one-piece, with boy-cut bikini line, and shirring over the bust. I felt wonderful in that suit.

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My iPhone 4

My Macbook

my 2004 Honda CBR 600 RR

My Springfield XD 40

And every once in a while, a bottle of whisky :) ahhhh

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@ladymia69 – Santa brought me some Christmas money :) Otherwise, those boots would be only a dream. And a steel-toed memory (those aren’t steel-toed, but they’re similar to a pair I had when I was 17)!

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A pair of shoes that arrived yesterday. I searched for day all over the internet to find a company that had them in the color and size I wanted, dismayed at the prices until I found them at at less than half the price AND free shipping. Wee hee!

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I normally do not get hyped like that over purchases, but I took part of my tax return and bought a new Cannondale to help celebrate my 10th year this year riding in the PanMass Challenge

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@blueiiznh I envy your devotion to fitness.

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@KatetheGreat ty, but this one is all about raising money for cancer research and treatment. I have proudly rode raising $54K of donations in 9 years.

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@KatetheGreat, wait, you do? Shit, I thought I had you beat for a minute there in at least one aspect of my collection!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Yezzir, I do! Pieces in my collection probably don’t have as much great history behind them as yours do. And as a history buff, I’m kinda jealous!

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My ipod was the last thing that really, really excited me. I stayed up all night filling it with awesome music and bought one of those tape-deck converters to play it in my old-ass car. I listened to that thing endlessly. I was freaking glued to it. A few months later I had to be up super early to open the coffeehouse. I was totally sleep-deprived, like a zombie, and I accidentally ran it through the wash. D:

My birthday presents to myself this year are going to be a new ipod and a Wacom tablet.

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