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For those of you who believe in God, what makes you believe that there is one?

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 5th, 2011

For the record, I’m agnostic.

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gets the popcorn, sits back and watches

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Oh, I know, I know, haha. Opened a can of worms, huh? I really would love to get some answers.

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I choose to believe in a spiritual side of life. I have no proof for it. If I said I could prove it exists, I’d be an imbecile.

I have lived in many different places and experienced many truly unexplainable things. I choose to believe that Spirit played some part in the occurrences.

Perhaps I’m not the right person to answer this question, because I don’t believe in one particular god. I can’t rightly put words to what I do believe. I can only say that I choose it.

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With me it’s just a matter of choice. I’ve been on a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery. I have concluded that there is God ( or whatever term you have for him/her ) who loves me, and who has, at critical moments, intervened in my life.

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To believe is to reject the notion of logic and embrace the notion of the absurd. God is higher than reason/logic, thus he falls under the absurd. I don’t believe in a world governed entirely by logic, because of my observations. So the absurd is what I find is true.

The philosoper Kierkergaard basically sums up my beliefs. It was his beliefs that described what I believed all my life, but could never quite articulate. It is about finding God for yourself, and finding your true self, not about being a sheep. It is about having the courage to use your own intellect. And that is something that reasonates deeply for me.

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I believe that there is a God. I believe that he loves me and watches out for me. He does that for everyone whether they believe in him or not. There are too many beautiful and wondrous things that exist that tell there is a higher power.

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I think there’s a divine placeholder. I still think that there are definitely remnants of my superstitious mystical mind, floating about in my head. That is to say, I’m ignorant but curious, I don’t always know how to explain or experience reality. I still have unscientific theories. Is there a “God?” Heavens no, but there is always something that transcends our knowledge. I’m a religious atheist, an agnostic, a something else. I have irrational personal beliefs, just like the next person. I have an open but skeptical mind. I’m a mystical non-believer. I think that when you die, that’s it. But I don’t know what that means, at all. I have ideas, but I don’t mistake those ideas with facts.

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My beliefs are very much transcendental, so I believe more in a unity of earth, but I figure that there’s something at least like god out there, not a being so much as just a divinity. But God like in the bible is farcical, if he made us in his image why are we so fucked up? If there is a God, he mustn’t care about us because mankind is mostly fools. Earth is too mindnumbingly gorgeous to be the cause of science, so whatever this Divinity I’ve conceived, is my higher force. It’s the One, the Unity of Earth.

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I don’t know what makes me believe in God, I just do. I wasn’t really conditioned to as a child it’s just something that feels right to me.

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Because He has revealed Himself to me in several ways (not appearing and saying “Hi, I’m God”), and because to me His existence is the only logical explanation of where we came from. I have also seen how accepting Him can truly change one’s life for the better (and please don’t give me the stories of fanatics who blow up abortion clinics- they have never really accepted Him, or they would not behave that way).

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I just believe that there is a force working for good in the universe, and strange things have happened in my life (but don’t ask what because it’s hard to explain), I believe humanity is the universe’s way of perceiving itself, because without being percieved it’s not really real, Carl Sagan said that too. I believe there is a plan for humanity, but there is a dark side too, so I think it’s important for people to believe in a God, some people need to.

I used to not believe, but my life has more meaning and stability now that I do. It is a choice, so go ahead and believe.

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