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Is it acceptable to wear sweatpants/pajamas in public?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 6th, 2011

I face an 8 AM calculus class every single morning. When I wake up, I don’t even feel like getting ready for this horror. I wear sweatpants often but I was wondering if it looked “trashy” to wear them to class.

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Isn’t that the norm for college students to wear for early classes???

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Personally, I don’t like it. I think it’s a little trashy, especially if your pants have words on the ass and/or you wear them tucked into Uggs. ;)

Really, though, it is that much harder to put on a pair of jeans?

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@Seelix I’d never in my life wear any of those sweatpants that had things written on the butt. I don’t own a pair of uggs either! Haha. Jeans are just uncomfortable sometimes!

@creative1 Not really, a lot of people actually dress up. Last semester, all I ever did was wear professional clothing.

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I dress up for the Real Estate class I am taking because these will be possible people I could be working with out in the field eventually and this is their first impression of me as an agent. I don’t want them thinking I am unprofessional. I just don’t know if its the same mentality on the college campus but from the sound of it the way your speaking about how the people dress for the classes you are taking it is.

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@Seelix Those sweatpants you describe are something never to be worn in public, I don’t even like it when I see them at the gym lol

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Gee….if I were you I wouldn’t graduate any time soon. Imagine being downtown for your job by 8 am with an hour plus commute. Plus you need to be all dolled up in suit.

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I think tasteful sweatpants are o.k. – I draw the line at pajamas (and wish others would too!)

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For the amount of money you are paying to attend college, I say wear them! Who cares what anyone else thinks. The only time I wouldn’t wear sweats in public would be at work, in the evening or at a nice restaurant.

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At my uni, the sorority girls would come to class with greasy hair in a ponytail (and that hair wasn’t combed) and dressed in tracksuits or sweatpants & sweatshirts with their house’s name and letters on it, the ends shoved in a pair of Timberlands.

A uni’s campus is its own world, as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t think it matters, in the grand scheme of things, as long as you show up and do the work.

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I’ve never been in an 8AM class where at least half the students weren’t in pajamas. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever been in an afternoon class where half the students weren’t in pajamas.

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Holy christ. You guys are really into this one.

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I’m putting on sweatpants as soon as i finish this post and going to class!

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Agreeing with the sweatpants are ok, but pajamas are not.

…. with the clarification that the sweatpants fit and aren’t torn up and dirty. It’s a classroom, not your living room.

Some of it is up to the instructor, too. I had classes where the instructor would deduct points from your participation grade if it looked like you’d just rolled out of bed.

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I dunno what you people wear to bed, but my pajamas look far less “trashy” than sweatpants.

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@MacBean my jammies have winnie the pooh on them!

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Sweatpants=outer wear
Pajama=indoor wear

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If I pranced about in my nightwear i’d probably get arrested….nekked man about town? I don’t think so!

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You’re in college. Do you know how much slack the rest of society gives to college kids? As long as you wear something we’re not going to give you much in the way of grief. When you enter the working world it’s a little different, but for now relax and enjoy the sweats.

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I wouldn’t. I will wear tracky daks at home but not to uni (or anywhere else really). It would be akin to going out in my slippers (if I wore slippers) to me.

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I attempted to wear a pair of sweatpants to a football game. After I filled the pockets with the necessary essentials(billfold, car keys, police i.d.)my sweatpants were so heavy, they fell to the floor.

I have given up on sweatpants, other than lounging around the house and cutting the grass.

Pajamas are out of the question, out in the public, for anyone.

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Sweatpants I can abide, because you can get away with the “I’m just coming from / going to the gym” excuse, if you feel you need an excuse. PJ bottoms, on the other hand, are something I don’t mind seeing, but would personally never leave my house in.

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I think it is normal for students to wear pajamas to those classes, and of course it is accepted, because you can actually wear them without repercussions involving the law lol. As far as acceptance from society is concerned: who cares what they think.

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I would always have to wait to head out the door if I was going to wear pajamas to class in the morning. It would be rather embarrassing to show everybody that I can “pitch a tent” with my pants.

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It’s acceptable to me.

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I don’t like the sloppy look of adults in sweatpants out in public or for students but college students seem like extended high schoolers so I suppose it’s generally acceptable to them. Pajamas though, that’s really lacking, I don’t like the idea at all.

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Yoga pants seem to look better than sweats or pajama bottoms, perhaps because they have a a little more fit to them and are generally black.

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Well, I personally just hate sweatpants and think they look bad in general. :\

But I don’t think either one is “unacceptable” even though I may never wear them in public…

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I agree with yoga pants but I’ve always thrown a pair of jeans on to leave the house or a sundress. I think the clothes you wear affect how your brain works, so for me sweatpants mean it doesn’t have to work at all.

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I’m totally clueless about what is acceptable to wear. I usually just wear what I want.

To get an idea about what is acceptable in most circumstances, just look at the people around you and see how they are dressed. That should give you an idea what is acceptable in that group.

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@KatetheGreat You should wear whatever makes you comfiest at that hour. You need your mind to be on the class, not uncomfy clothing.

Don’t change into anything uncomfy, grab some protein and some water and learn. :)

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@KatetheGreat Your in college enjoy yourself now and wear what you like.

But I wanted to pass on some good advice my mother taught me and it has served me well over the years. When you enter the working world you always want to dress for the position above you. It makes a good impression and you are remembered for that as well as your work when you are interviewing for the higher position for the company. It will set you apart from the rest.

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I don’t think its trashy at all. all I wear are sweatpants cause i think jeans can be uncomfortable that early in the moring. I guess it all depends on what time of day. If its early like yours I sometimes wear my pajamas to class but in my school so does most people anyways

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@faye – Oh yeah, sundresses! They’re the best thing ever. As soon as it gets warm enough, I love being able to just throw one on and look put together no matter what! :)

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My friends often wear sweatpants and I admire them for looking good in them, I don’t though, never. It’s grand while you’re young, the important thing is that you turn up for class.

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@Seelix We had had quite the hot spell 2 summers ago. I had gotten fat so only had 1 comfortable sundress and one spaghetti strap nightie. Nightie, dress, nightie, dress, 3 seconds to get dressed.

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I don’t see anything wrong with it, as long as the clothes aren’t dirty. Places like a college class (well, most of them) or the grocery store are casual settings, so it’s fine to wear your sweats.

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