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For some strange reason you had a choice as to what kind of multiple personalities you will have, who would they be?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22507points) April 6th, 2011

It boggles the mind this rare condition of having multiple personalities as probably the brain’s way of, as they say, coping up with traumatic experiences in life. It is a survival mechanism.

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Mr. Confident, I can do anything man.
Mr. Martial arts, no one can mess with me man.
Mr. Wonderful, no one can resist me man.

Mr. scared, insecure, abused and pathetic man would be hiding somewhere in a dark corner of my mind, never appearing. Ever.

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Well, if I have a choice, I’ll go with:

A spaghetti western Clint Eastwood character
Marilyn vos Savant (world record for the highest IQ)
Shean Connery in his younger 007 years.
and perhaps Jack Sparrow from time to time.

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@YoBob great fun choices! I wonder how it would be living in a house with you?

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I already have multiple personalities…

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@queenie so you have more than one fluther profiles then? Lol.

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Lol, no… I find that I act differently around different people and in different situations.And I mean really different.
People in school, will not think I am the same person personality wise, if they see me with my friends and family. It’s like a total opposite of how I am like at school.

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@queenie ok I think that’s the closest thing a normal person could have “multiple personalities” hope it’s working well with you.

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I would want to be a nun, a sex worker, a detective.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I’d like to be there when you switch from nun to sex worker but not vice versa and certainly not when you switch to being detective.

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You sort of do have a choice – you come up with what you need at the moment to deal.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I certainly hope you aren’t “working” when you switch to nun!

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I wanna be a suave son of a bitch, and a paranoid freak, with an intellectual poet musician for kicks

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Charlie Sheen, a great cello player, and a psychotic, gun wielding grandma. :D

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I’d want to be a criminal mastermind, a 50’s Susie Homemaker, and an edgy starving artist.

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I’d wanna be a hard-boiled, private eye. My time serving in the Second World War will have hardened me, and made me something of a nihilist. The best I can do in these times is to try and stop the horrific crimes going on in this world…by any means necessary.

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@KatetheGreat i hope when the switch from great cello player to Charlie Sheen happens, you dont have your cello with you since it’s a bit worrisome if Charlie finds himself holding a cello while angry.

@etignotasanimum can’t help imagining what if after opening a bank safe loaded with cash you switched into the starving edgy artist and starts painting the walls.

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I would have 200 personalities, each of which thinks he is Abraham Lincoln.

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