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What is the best way to pack diabetic supplies while traveling on an airplane?

Asked by theninth (1638points) April 6th, 2011

I’m a non-insulin diabetic, although I do take injection drugs for it. Should I take the medication and needles in my carry-on, check the needles but carry the meds, or pack everything in my checked luggage?

I’m not worried about putting the meds in my checked luggage because it isn’t insulin and I will be okay (medication-wise) if my luggage gets lost.

I do have a MedicAlert card and ID that identifies me as diabetic, but no prescription label for the medication (it’s in a pen).

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I would take it as a carry-on, you can’t guarantee the environmental conditions in the cargo hold, and it would be wise to carry your meds with you just in case anyway.

TSA doesn’t really seem to get all that concerned about stuff like this, what i’ve done is just put my pills/pens in a bag seperately and let it ride through the scanner. They’ve never asked me about perscriptions at all.

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NEVER CHECK MEDICNE. Checked bags regularly get lost or fail to arrive on the same flight as the passenger and need to be delivered days after arrival.

A good rule of thumb is to always assume that any bag you check will get lost. It’s a good idea to take a photo inventory of anything you check just in case the airline has to write you a check.

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They have needles for diabetes that is not insulin? (I wonder what it is because I’m like curious george) My husband was a diabetic…I never knew other diabetic medication other than insulin was in needle form…who knew! He was on pill form for years and then insulin. So I think since you need the stuff take it with you, they will let you know if it’s a problem I think? The last time I was on a plane was ohhh about 28yrs ago :/

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I am diabetic and when I fly,I have some needles in my luggage,some in my carry on along with insulin.
I also got a note from my doctor in case security questions anything.

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@Meego it’s called Byetta. It stimulates the pancreas to get it to release insulin. I make enough insulin, but not enough of the enzymes that trigger the release of it. I like to tell people I have an “off-brand” of diabetes.

I’d never heard of non-insulin injections for Diabetes either, until a year ago.

And thank you to everyone for the help!

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Hmm. They come up with the most amazing things! Thanks for the info. Hope all goes well for you.

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I think byetta needs to be cooler when on the road, than insulin. Keep dry ice pellets or get insulin travel packs for it and put all in a bag, glucometer and all.

BTW, byetta is made from gila monster spit. I took it for a few months and it made me sick as a dog.

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I pack it all with me (carry-on), and even wrap it in a cold pack. I’ve had no problems. Don’t check it. Remember the fortune cookie: it is much better to have ____ and not need it, than to need _____ and not have it.

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Rule # 1 for diabetic travelers: Assume that your checked luggage will get lost, and pack EVER-THANG in your carry-on.

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