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Can you install Linux on a 2GB ipod nano (1st gen)?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) April 19th, 2008
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Why would you want to? Would you be using it as a (very small) ext. HD?

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you can install linux on any 1st gen ipod nano, the gb size doesnt matter. the only thing that matters is its 1st gen.

wildflower, hes talking about a port of linux to the ipod called ipodlinux.

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aha…..thanks for clarifying. Haven’t heard of that.

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ok thanks. :-) I read somewhere that it only supported 1G ipods. Later, after asking the question, I checked back I had misread it and mistook 1G for 1GB.

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yea, you really gotta make sure you dont mix up g and gb :D just remember g = generation and gb = gigabyte.

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Hehe, let us know how it went :)
Though you shouldn’t experience problems. The wiki says:
> Installing Linux onto your iPod is a non-dangerous process. When you think your iPod is broken, it is not. You cannot render your iPod useless with software.

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yea, vincentt is right. linux wont brick your ipod. if it still boots, it can be fixed.

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