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What are some macho thoughtful songs?

Asked by pallen123 (1519points) April 6th, 2011

The Deadliest Catch series selects wonderfully rich and melodic songs that I think are also appeal to folksy, rustic and somewhat macho or independent sensibilities. They include:

What are some other songs that would fit this genre?

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Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt.

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Should’ve Been a Cowboy by Toby Keith.

A Manly Song by the Arrogant Worms.

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In Jaws, Quint was singing “Spanish Ladies”

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I LOVE this song: ( although I don’t know how… thougtful it is! ) : D

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How about this one? As a matter of fact, just about anything by Bob Dylan!

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I am not a huge fan of country music. But I am a fan of excellent songwriting and good vocals. Back in the 90’s, I actually went out and bought this CD and after I bought it, I realized that it did not have one track on it that was not
He pretty much disappeared after this one stellar album, but he is a singer/songwriter extraordinaire….James House.

(If you have anyone serving in the armed forces….or have served…the second and third are quite poignant.)



Bit more rock here:

And last, but not least…a song appropriate for the state of the economy at the moment. This artist has been so underrated and he is a sublime singer and songwriter…go out and support a real country singer/songwriter and not someone who has been churned out by the Nashville/Hollywood machine. (He penned “Broken Wing” for Martina McBride, by the way.)

Hard Times for an An Honest Man:

(And if anyone knows Mr House, please PM me, I’d like to get in touch with him.)

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Metallica’s version of Turn the Page

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Tim McGraw ‘live like you were dying’ and ‘that’s my job’ but I can’t remember who that’s by!

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@augustlan I’d say that all of the Johnny Cash that I’ve heard qualifies.
The most recent generation of country music seems to be rife with these. “If You’re Going Through Hell” is one of my favorites, as is “Beer for my Horses.”

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Leonard Cohen singing “Bird on the Wire” or just about anything.

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Oh, yeah, @janbb – especially The Partisan.

I’d add Stan Rogers to the list of “just about anything by.” Northwest Passage, The Field Behind the Plow, 45 Years (a gorgeous love song to his wife) and just about the entirety of the rest of his too-short catalog.

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@WasCy And I agree with you!

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I can’t remember the name of the guy who wrote it but, “I’ll Be Your Crying Shoulder”

It got so popular for awhile, I got sick and tired of hearing it, but now I can appreciate it.


Bird on a Wire is a great song but I’m not a big fan of Leonard Cohen’s voice. He’s a magnificent songwriter tho.

Have you heard the Johnny Cash version of it? I could listen to it every day.

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@Buttonstc A little of Leonard Cohen’s voice goes a long way but he’s kind of grown on me. Haven’t heard Johnny Cash sing it, but I do like Judy Collin’s (and Dave Van Ronk’s.)

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Tom Russell, and how the hell I omitted him earlier I cannot say.

Stealing Electricity
Tonight We Ride
Gallo del Cielo
Who’s Gonna Build Your [Fucking] Wall (I claim ownership of the adjective.) I laughed out loud at “there’s one thing in this world I fear: [I won’t give it away].”

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