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Was it nobility or stupidity the stunt for a girl's heart? [details inside]?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) April 7th, 2011

A college freshman tried to recreate a stunt he seen on TV where he would be pulled along by a truck to a ramp where he would shoot up the ramp and land on the flat roof of a 2 story apartment building, but the stunt goes wrong and he hits the top of the window and ends up in the bedroom. Lucky to be alive I guess, he might never walk again or if he does will have life long problems. The girl he was trying to impress with this great stunt knows about it but don’t even care to go to the hospital to even see if he was Ok or if she at least felt honored by it or anything. Seeing he was putting his life at risk over this stunt for a girl who seems she couldn’t care less for him, was that nobility or just plain stupidity?

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Just plain stupidity

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From a utility standpoint, there is a net loss here. The man suffered for his stunt (loss), and the girlfriend could not care less (no gain in utility for the man or the girlfriend). Therefore, I concur with @josie‘s opinion.

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Things like this are pretty much always dumb. I honestly don’t know a single person who would suddenly say “Oh, what a wonderful thing he’s done, and all for me. I must love him at once!”

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Noble would be like…. I dunno, pulling two orphans out of a burning building. Pulling a stunt like this and even succeeding, is not noble and still would be stupid. Besides he was trying way too hard to impress her. I vote stupid.

Nobility for me, is always something selfless. Doing something to impress anyone, does not qualify for selfless behavior in my book.

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Sometimes you can do things that impress others by your actions. These are most often things that are not intended to impress. Typically, stupid things do not impress too many people. If you do something stupid and someone is impressed by your stupid actions, you probably will make a great couple (for a short time until one of you does something else stupid and maims or kills yourself). Ergo, there is no real point to doing stupid things to impress someone.

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This was a stupid stunt and I don’t think the girl has any obligation to even acknowledge the idiot. Imagine how she feels now. For a moment, what this guy did… the reasons he’s saying he did it, might make her feel, just a little bit or for a moment, responsible when she is absolutely not. This guy was trying to show off for a girl and it backfired. In my book ‘show off’ = ‘fool’.

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That guy is a plain moron.

Why bother impress someone with that ? He didn’t even know squat about her to even think about doing something like that.

Served him :)

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Now what was he thinking?? Something like this would never win a girls heart, what happened to going and picking a girl flowers or writing a shy kind of note that you like her…. This was plain stupidity!

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I think he was thinking of himself not the girl.
However the whole outcome is sad. I really cannot find any words to justify what he did or even to make the outcome worth the risk. :-(

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Maybe he thought that girls like daredevils or risk takers because they more bravado than the average guy?.

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This is why peacocks have feathers.

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Peacocks have feathers because they are vain.
Male peacocks are the only ones with brightly coloured plumage.
Peahens as the female peacock is called do not have the multi-coloured bright array.

I think women prefer honesty and kindness. It helps if you are funny too.
Looks are not essential.

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@Hidden_Mystery Well… Most birds have feathers, and I don’t think it’s because they are vain.

The sexual dichromatism, of male and female birds is due to natural selection. Female birds tend to be the ones who choose their mates, and a fit male who appears healthy is usually the one picked. This behavior leads to sexual dimorphism.

Male displays, i.e. plumage & bright colors, attract potential mates. So it’s not out of vanity that males are brightly or multicolored, it’s survival of the fittest, the best looking boys get the birds. Then they get to propagate their genes, which leaves us with more bright pretty male birds. Unhealthy birds aren’t able to look as nice, so their genes are primarily left out, and you can see the results. Male birds are literally more attractive.

With humans, men often will try to prove their manliness to achieve similar results as the birds, clearly this doesn’t always work out so well.

Anthropomorphizing peacocks by saying they are vain, would be a mistake. As the peahens themselves, are the ones to “blame” for the way the peacock looks.

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The guy was flat out stupid.

Maybe he thought that girls like daredevils or risk takers because they more bravado than the average guy?.

If he thought that, he’s still pretty stupid. That’s not bravado.

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Stupid X a 1,000 times.

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Flat out stupid. What’s noble about being a jackass?

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Stupid guy.
The girl would be stupid as well, if she acknowledged him at all. She would be wise to stay as far away as possible from that moron.

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Ego. And look where it got him.

Seriously, how can you do something like that for someone else? Not possible. He was trying to impress her, so it wasn’t about her, it was about his own ego.

Poor stupid git.

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one tiny moment of noble followed by lots of stupid.
For whatever reason one wants to show off ever, do it with a skill you have !!

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She probably already knew he was a moron and he didn’t have to go through all that trouble to prove it.

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Stupidity. Noble is laying your coat on a puddle. Risking your life doing something reckless just for someone to notice you? Stupid.

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Just stupidity. Complete utter stupidity.

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Stupid. And the girl owes him nothing.

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@john65pennington <—- He did the math for me. ( Noble guy)
The guy who did the stunt : Stupid guy.

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It sounds like he was hoping to end up in the girl’s bedroom and he did. Definite Darwin Awards material here.

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Stupid. If the girl knows him at all then she might be staying away to not further embarass him. I’m sure she’s embarased to. If the girl didn’t know him before then this act shows she surely doesn’t need to get to know him.

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