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What's the best solution for treating bumps and ingrown hair?

Asked by dallas44 (50points) April 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I get really bad razor bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving. I’ve tried Many things and still havnt found a solution. Any suggestions??

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Here are some legitimate suggestions.

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blade or electric?
I find with blade more so then electric I get break outs even with shaving cream, it takes a few days for the face to get accustomed to an electric shaver but I haven’t had any problems since

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I use a product cream from Walgreens that has a lot of vitamin E in it to prevent the hair from curling into the skin. It is in a small white jar. Sorry I can’t think of the name. If I find it I’ll post it later.

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Best solution is to not shave.

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yea, I was thinking about not shaving for awhile. That might be my only option. I’ve tried everything

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shave properly

Wet shave after a shower or bath.
Use ahigh quality shave cream that you apply with a shaving brush.
Shave with a double edge razor blade in the direction your beard grows only.
rinse with cold water pat dry and moisterise

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cold cream moisturizer, that’s my facial lotion too.

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I made the leap that you were talking about shaving as an interim step between bikini waxes and was going to recommend Bikini Zone. You can get it at Walgreens and it’s great for the week or two in between

I don’t think you can use it on your face!

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nivea after shave balm works wonders and it smells great too

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You can also apply stick deoderant after shaving to the area. It minimizes ingrown hairs and red irritation. I read this in a Cosmo issue years ago and it works!

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