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What phrases or expressions do you like hearing?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26224points) April 7th, 2011

A reversal to the question what phrases or expressions annoy you. I’m wondering whether there are indeed words that subconciously give us a perk when it gets picked up by our ears.

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If someone happens to say bamboozle or fiddlesticks, that’s pretty funny. That barely happens, but it’s worth it when it does. Also, I love this to no end; it’s as dark as a grave digger’s ass crack at midnight.

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Oh fiddlesticks, I just got bamboozled!

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@mazingerz88 ’‘giggles’’ :D

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I want you ( in a romantic setting )

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“Holy cow!”, “Holy shit”, “Holy guacamole”, ,, and “Darn varmint” and
“Oh my giddy aunt”

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”[bleep] me in my [bleep] box”

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“You look very pretty tonight” is always great to hear!

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“Mom, I love you”

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Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.
@JustJessica NOT aimed at your phrase!

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“Dearie me!” or “Oh dear!” especially if it comes from a man.

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@anartist Ooooh, Corpse Bride fan, are we? :D

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Anything that comes out of my kids. They’re pretty hilarious.
My son Alexey said to me today ‘you and me are girls’
and I thought ‘actually, neither of us are, lol’.

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“I love you.” When my wife says that, she can have anything she wants… my house, my bike, my bank account…! : D

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I’m no ordinary fool.

@Symbeline no, I just like Rhett Butler

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We’re freaks of a different breed.

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“You’re funny.”
“You and your husband are the cutest couple!”
“Your kids are adorable.”
“You’re the designated green bean casserole lady from now on.” :P Well, mine IS the best…

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir But I haven’t tasted Alex’s!! =0) From all the different variations that I’ve tried, I like mine best so far because it’s the least runny.

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Perhaps one of these days, I’ll get to visit New York and maybe try Alex’s version to see why it’s so amazing.

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@anartist Wait, he said that? I read the book, but I don’t remember. What part?

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Apesh*t – best word no one ever uses. I love it.

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I’ve always loved words. Serendipity is a favorite of mine. I think I might get a tattoo of it one day, actually. Also another is velvet. No’t really sure why.

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What amount do I make out the check for? Mmmmmm warm and fuzzy all over.

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“Yay!” is always sweet to the ear.

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Well done Liz! I’m going to give you a pay rise.

Let me cook dinner tonight.

I bought you a present.

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“Oh god yes…yes…oh fuck yeah”!! Mildly off putting, but only in a good way ;¬}

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It cracks me up when someone says “I call shenanigans” when they think something is not on the level. I also like a lot of expressions that seem to originate in the 1920’s, like “flim flam artist”, “Everything’s Jake” and “None of your beeswax.” LOL

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Love it when a kid says,” Ewwwww!” and when in their cute voice asks as to what bad thing you may have done “What you dooh?”

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@Symbelline Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.
the movie excerpt is at the end

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He must have said that in the book, too. I just don’t recall. Still, awesome, I’d love to see the movie. It’s at the vid store but damn…43 bucks?

I first heard that sentence in Corpse Bride though…is there some relation I’m missing lol?

Still, thanks for the source. :)

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It’s so famous it gets reused.
There’s always Netflix, or if you don’t mind a little dicey—Rapidshare.

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@Symbeline It was on the last page. Wait.. 43 bucks…?! For a DVD?!

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I’m not shitting you, and all it had was an extras second disc.

And really? The last page? How am I not remembering this? It may have to do with the part with all the war patients that were being treated for amputations and injuries, and how most of their wounds had worms and infections going on in them. Gah. I need to give it a re-read I believe.

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