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If you were talking to someone, and you observed someone else watching you, listening to you, would you say something to that person?

Asked by jca (36002points) April 7th, 2011

If you were engaged in conversation with someone and observed a third person close enough to hear what you were saying, and staring at you, would you say something to that person?

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I’d just look at them in an extremely mean way and hope that they’d turn their attention elsewhere.

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Hell yeah!

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This happened to me at AT&T when I was purchasing a phone. There was a guy so close to me in line that I couldn’t turn around without bumping him. He was listening very obviously to everything we were talking about including private info, phone number, name, etc. I finally looked at him and said “please back away from me, I’m giving private information and you’re too close to me.” He only moved back one step, still able to listen. I stopped again and stared him down until he stepped back again. If it was someone I knew, I don’t really know what I would say.

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No, I don’t see what the problem is

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I’d discuss the most odd and disturbing things with whomever I am speaking to.

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If you’re talking loudly in a public place, you have to assume that what you’re saying is public. If you’ve got something private to discuss, keep your voice down or stay away from other people.

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Happens all the time. I do say something like “Take a picture, it lasts long”

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I remember when I was just a little kid we’d go around saying “Do you have a staring problem or something? What’s wrong with you!?”

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It depends: are they hot? Can we kick it? lol, man, I crack myself up sometimes.

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Eh probbaly not. If I wanted to say something private or something like that, I’d choose a more…private place, one where there’s no one around but the person I’m wanting to divulge something to. Otherwise I don’t publicly say things I don’t want just anyone to hear. I can be a bit crude and probbaly swear too much in public, which are the main reasons why people would clutch at their chests and stare at me like mama birds defending their offspring, but that doesn’t bother me.

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If I am in a public place and speaking loudly enough for people to listen in, then people may listen in! Goes with the territory. If I want a private conversation, I keep my voice down or speak in a place where I won’t be overheard.

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You want in and make it a foursome?

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Most likely. I am always talking with people wherever I go. Something like that wouldn’t offend me at all.

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@Symbeline ur invited. lol

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It depends really. Most of the time i don’t bother to look who’s watching towards me.

But i really could care less if someone is starring at me even if i discuss private matters with others.

Just think of it like this. When you are walking and people come from different directions. Don’t you find it odd that most lower their voices or stop talking till they pass ? Well i’m not. I keep talking ^^ Oh and not to mention that the easiest way to make people get sick with it is using somewhat of a foul language. 90% of the people won’t even bother to listen anymore.

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I usually ask the the person if they’re going to buy the product or services for me. If not, they need to back the hell away from. But I have also been in a store where they had a major issue with others overhearing that they now write what they want to say to keep conversations private.

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I’ve met some of the nicest people that way. On both ends of the conversation. Sometimes I’ve been the one who enters the conversation as an outside observer. Sometimes it is a stranger who enters the conversation as an outside observer. Either way, it is nice to met new people and engage them in conversations. You can learn so much about the world around you and how other people think and feel that way. Of course, if it is a serious private conversation, it is usually easy to read someone’s body language and common courtesy would tell you not to interrupt or but-in.

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