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Does anyone want some chocolate? Look who's in the mansion now!

Asked by Dr_Dredd (10528points) April 7th, 2011

Congrats, WillWorkforChocolate!

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Oooh, congratulations!! You’ll spice it up some!

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Yummy! We finally have chocolate to enjoy in the mansion!

You worked for this one, now enjoy it @WillWorkForChocolate!!!!

CongoRats to you on your 10K!

<Passes the Pancake Platter>

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Lord the parties is happening! ;-)

Congratulations sweet thing.

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You don’t have to work for your chocolate today! It’s on the house! Congratulations, @WillWorkforChocolate!

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Here is your key to the mansion.
The kitchen is stocked with a lifetime supply.
You won’t have to worry about this happening again ;)

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Amazing! I propose an add-on to the mansion. Maybe a hot tub full of chocolate mousse or at least a couple of those chocolate fondue fountains. Maybe a chocolate river like in Willy Wonka. What do you say?

Congratulations! :D

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Wheeee, congratulations to a very sweet jelly!

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Congratulations @WillWorkForChocolate!!!

I hope you can have all the chocolate you want in the mansion and not have to do a moments work!!! You earned it with all your great posts.

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Sweet! Congrats to the nicest ‘crabby’ person I know. :D

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Congratulations, @WillWorkForChocolate! Today you can let us bring the chocolate to you!

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Woo Hoo!

Roses are red
Chocolate is brown
uncork the champagne in 10k town!

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Congratulations, sexy mama!
I’m so happy you moved next door to my bedroom in the mansion. Now we can sexually harass hang out with each other. :D WOOHOO! * fondles *

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I already told you all the things I wanted to say that last time, while we were in bed, doing things that would frighten Satan.
Congrats and keep it up. :) I’ll kill myself if you don’t. :D

Nah but srsly good work, glad you’re a part of us. :) And I’m all serious.

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In a world of enigmas, it is wonderful to have this certainty: there is nothing that can’t be improved by the addition of chocolate.

Hurray for your arrival at this milestone, @WillWorkforChocolate.

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Ah, @WillWorkforChocolate, you funny, scary babe! I can always count on you to be there and scratch out the eyes of anybody who attacks me, and be ready with a funny or supportive quip when I need it. I’m glad to count you as one of my friends here! Proud of you, Girlie, way to go!

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Congratulations and welcome to the big house!
You are sweet and funny and loyal, one of my favorite jellies!
I’ll bring a big chocolate cheesecake for the party!

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Woo! Way to go, my darling! So happy for you – I’ve been waiting for this one! Congratulations!

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Congrats lady. I get along with most of the jellies pretty well, but there are some that just make my day. I guess I just have a sweet tooth. Your hubby is one lucky SOB. Welcome to the mansion.

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Aawww, you guys are all so sweet! Consider my Friday made now! I’ll be smiling for a week.

Come on in to my Loveshack and LET’S PARTY!! Chocolate pancakes for everyone!

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Now I’m hungry! Congratulations @WillWorkForChocolate!!!

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Yeah! Chocolate in the Mansion! Woo Hoo! Congrats on the 10 Grand @WillWorkForChocolate!

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Congratulations! :))

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Welcome to the 10k!

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YAY!!!! Congratulations to a fellow chocoholic! Have some marshmallow pinwheel cookies!

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Congrats @WillWorkForChocolate!! Chocolate all around!

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@tedibear Marshmallow pinwheels? Those must go on my grocery list now. Oh, you are sooooo evil!

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I’ve been out all nigght setting up a Party Room
Congratulations! Enjoy the mansion!!!

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Congratulations. I got you some edible chocolate underwear for the occasion.

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Congratulations @WillWorkForChocolate! So what will you do for chocolate? ;-P

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What wouldn’t I do?

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Now doesn’t that sound interesting? Want some chocolate little girl?

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Congratulations! It’s raining chocolate!

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This is an amazing, amplitudinous, astonishing, astronomical, awe-inspiring, beatified, bizarre, boundless, breathtaking, chocoloading, colossal, cosmic, daunting, eerie, elevated, ennobled, enormous, enshrined, exalted, excellent, formidable, galactic, gargantuan, gigantic, glorified, grand, heavenly, honorable, huge, immeasurable, immortal, imposing, incredible, infinite, lofty, mammoth, massive, mighty, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, moving, mysterious, overwhelming, prodigious, stirring, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, sublime, terrific, time-honored, titanic, tremendous, unbelievable, uncanny, unutterable, venerable, voluminous, and wonderful accomplishment !!

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@Adirondackwannabe Why you dirty… nevermind. Gimme the chocolate and tell me what you want.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’ll give you the chocolate and then crawl back into my cave. You’re too special.

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He don’t know me very well, do he?

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He know enough.

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Well Done!!!!!

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Yum, chocolate! Congratulations!

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Oh, man, it just so happens I have a whole bunch of chocolate right here and some odd jobs around my apartment. Think we can work something out?

Congratulations to my favorite confection!

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Well, Dammit! A couple of us have been watching for this and hoping to be able to write your congrats thread… why’d you have to put on the Turbo jets?? That makes me crabby.


You deserve all your accolades, you funny little biotch! Now go make the mansion a sweeter place. ♥

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Thanks so much guys, really! You’re all super!!

@KatawaGrey I would so volunteer for a few odd jobs at your place, just to meet you. The chocolate would be a bonus. =0)

@Blueroses Awwwww, I adore you, you crazy biotch! Have some chocolate.

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Congrats on your new digs! You are a wonderful contributer! Welcome!

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Congrats :)

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Congrats! Your quick wit and great answers got you to the mansion in record time!

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You don’t need to work for choclate no’ mo’!

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Chocolate pancakes all around! Congratulations, @WillWorkForChocolate! You are a fine addition to the Collective!

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I’m so sorry I’m late! Congratulations on your 10k!! Well-deserved!

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I love chocolate! Love your posts! Congrats and welcome to the mansion!

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Congrats! I’ve always found your answers to be completely helpful and significant! We all lurve you!!!

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Go ahead, have some, its on me

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Congrats! :D

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Nice job!

Without chocolate, my favorite cookies wouldn’t exist. So we are kin of a sort. Congratulations!!!

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Awwwww, thanks everyone. I feel all warm and fuzzy!!

@blueiiznh OMG. Send him my way please.

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