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In honor of the eighth of April, want to play a silly word game?

Asked by Jeruba (48417points) April 7th, 2011

Pick one of the following words (or another that looks as if it might belong on this list) and declare it here. It must begin with e and be just a little way out of common everyday vocabulary.

For the next 24 hours, find a way to incorporate that word in every message you post on fluther. Try to work it in so that it sounds like a natural part of your comment or question and not just an arbitrary inclusion. (Be sure you know what it means so you can use it correctly.)

To call out what you’re doing, put it in bold (place an asterisk before and after) like this: eighth. And keep a count so you can report back how many times you did it.

It’s ok to use a variant of a word, but not a whole other word that incorporates it; for example, for “echo,” you can use “echoing” but not “echolalia”; for “elephant,” “elephantine” is ok but not “elephantiasis.”

It’s also ok to choose the same word that someone else has picked.

eccentric   •   echo   •   edgewise   •   effervesce   •   eggplant   •   egregious   •   element   •   elephant   •   elucidate   •   ember   •   emblem   •   enervate   •   enigma   •   entropy   •   eponym   •   erudite   •   essence   •   eternity   •   etiology   •   eulogy   •   euphony   •   evidence   •   execrate   •   exigent  

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What an eccentric thing to do. I may echo others when I ask why e? I know the mind of @Jeruba effervesces with vocabulary of all sorts, for example, eggplant. It might just perhaps be an egregious error to not begin with a. But then, it’s an elementary question.

I could go on for a seeming eternity, so I’ll play along on other questions.

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It’s a nice letter, isn’t it? And April 8th is a nice date. (So are all the others.)

I pick enigma as my word.

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I’ll try euphony as my word.

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Can you * eliidate * just a bit more on how this all works? Maybe then I can * enlive * my future post better.

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Well, for an example, see the post I just made here.

You meant elucidate, right?

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I pick elegant

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@weeveeship And did you pick that word to enliven your spirits?

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And I have seen your excellent use of the word Euphony too @hawaii_jake!
I felt the need to extol your extensive vocabulary.

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Exemplary game, @Jeruba! I would so do this if I didn’t have to post [mod says] stuff. It might be hard to work it in while still being professional. For the record, I’d have chosen an easy one, like echo or element, so it’s probably for the best.

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I’m going with eggplant in honor of my day job at the farm.

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Viva “eulogy” ^^

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Well, I’d choose eschew but I might have to avoid posting too much. ;-P

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All right, my 24 hours are up, and I managed it five times, by my count. Failed to work it in once.

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@Jeruba There is an element of surprise in that answer. You missed it once? I can hardly believe it! I’m sure others will echo my feelings. ;)

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It was a whisper and not a full-fledged comment. I got enigma in just a little earlier in the same thread.

Nobody asked why I was bolding those words. Tch. Well, not all amusements are hands-down winners. Thanks for playing.

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I thought this was an exceptional question…alas, I missed it. I will enthusiastically join the next challenge!

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