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Is there a quick and easy way to extract essential oils from flowers such as honeysuckle?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34320points) April 8th, 2011

If not,will you do it for me? XD

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This is a gardeners guide to extracting oils

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Looks like convoluted is the way to go!

Yikes. . .

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@Cruiser -Thank you for the link,now get your ass over here and run the still!
@Tropical_Willie -I know! I think it might be quicker to milk the flowers like a cow! A cow that smells delightful
@Cruiser-Thanks for the second link.I hope you like using this BS-free method when you go to extract the essential oils from flowers such as honeysuckle! Thank you! XD

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Depending on what you re going to use the oils for, and if you can use them in a diluted, rather than a pure, fashion, one easy method I didn’t see on either list is to soak the flowers in the strongest grain alcohol you can get (vodka will do). You then have a tincture that will smell very nice but obviously isn’t pure oil.

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@crisw -How long do you soak them for?

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It depends on the flowers; it doesn’t hurt to do it for longer than needed. A week or two should be enough.

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@crisw -Thank you! That sounds perfect!:)

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@crisw That would be a good method for making herb or flower simples to add to fancy liqeur drinks!

Mmmmm, an orange blossom infused white wine spritzer, or an organic vodka mixed with essence of lavender and mint leaves!

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