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Are there really demonic presences among us?

Asked by Eggie (5737points) April 8th, 2011

In the churches of all religions they preach about some evil entities that can harm us. I have seen on documentaries that people who have indulged themselves in devil worship had evil spirits do their bidding or did them a lot of harm. Is this true? Has anyone ever had any kind of encounter with things like this? Does anyone know of anybody who had encounters with the paranormal?

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@ucme now thats just mean…..

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There is certainly evil among us. But I don’t believe that “the devil made us do it.” We’re pretty good at the bad stuff when left to our own devices. Sorry to say.

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A lot of religious sources and people would like to believe it’s true, but let’s just say there really isn’t a scientific field for demonic forces.

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@cbloom8 Yet on those documentaries there is scientists with machines who investigate these things.

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Fear and Guilt are the bread and butter of religion. Pay no heed to their B.S.

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I am convinced they are out there. Sometimes the exactly wrong bad thing happens at the exactly wrong time, and I don’t believe it is a coincidence.

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Confirmation bias.

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Well, it might explain Republicans.

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@Eggie Those aren’t real scientists, they are only people who are trying to use more objective means to find evidence. Those people are not part of the scientific community, they are part of the paranormal investigation community. We’re not talking about people with PHDs in physics.

Take for example the show Ghost Hunters, which involves no one with any scientific background wondering around in the dark, getting scared, and pointing out minute oddities seen in dark rooms where no one really has much idea of all the different natural processes that might be occurring.

Throughout the whole thing, both you and the people on the documentary expect to see paranormal activity, so almost anything that is hard to explain is automatically ruled as such. And when it comes down to it, they have to deliver results for ratings and money.

Do you ever get any real evidence out of any of that stuff? Not really. Nearly everything found can be attributed to physics or psychological factors. There just isn’t any substantial evidence towards the paranormal.

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Well, there’s me…

Older forms of Christianity, or pretty much any religion, had and still does have some rather primitive ways of harnessing power, or at least hard influence. Look at the inquisitions, for example.
Today, I’m not entirely sure if we’re supposed to believe that Satan drives us unto sin, or if by religious claims, we have to eschew much of what society is, in favour of snapping ourselves back into what gave the church its power in the first place.
But I highly doubt that there are demonic forces present among us. And if there is, most religions aren’t anywhere I’d go for sanctuary and protection.

But there are also many things, probably countless, that we know nothing of. So we make shit up, when we’re afraid or don’t understand. I believe, personally, that this is where the root of religion and spirituality spawns from.

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In a symbolic sense, yeah. The human mind is an intricate thing, lapses in judgement and involuntary compulsion lead people to do many a bad thing, whatever the reason is, it fits a certain criteria for “demonic activity”. Psychology has exorcised the the demon epidemic.

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I would love to be able to say that all the evil and horrible stuff that is perpetuated by some portions of mankind is not a product of mankind, but an evil supernatural force, but that just isn’t the case. Mankind is actually capable of the most evil of deeds. It’s the worst of the ‘Man in the mirror’ reality we can face, but it’s better that we do face it.

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What about the exorcisms in other countries. Is that fake as well? I have heard cases of exorcisms here as well.

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Most definitely. Never ever use a ouiji board no matter how good your intentions. That’s a portal for spirits of all kinds especially evil ones. Once they enter this realm it is very hard next to impossible to get them to leave.

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