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Is plasma "electrokinetic"?

Asked by Zyx (4160points) April 8th, 2011

Not sure if electrokinetic describes anything at all.

I’m asking if plasma (the stuff in those cool lightning globes (I think)) can be moved with electricity. Because if this is the case I see the potential for energy transfers in space.

Let me know guys.

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Based on the wiki for “Electrokinetic,” doesn’t appear to be. Plasma isn’t heterogenious in the same way.

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I hate definitions that aren’t true to their etymology. It makes everything so confusing.

Anyway, plasma, clearly not liquid etc.

Is it moved by electricity?

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Hm. What do you mean, moved by electricity, exactly?

Plasma is magnetized. So a moving electric charge would move the plasma (because moving electric charges create magnetic fields).

Plasma would also conduct electric charges.

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Electrokinesis is actually a term.

We were just talking about this last night at Science Friday. A man has invented an ‘artificial leaf’ that generates power, but using silicate sand and solar power. He uses the system as a water splitting catalyst. Awesome stuff.

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Lol, the analogy to a leaf seems a little flawed but that is indeed awesome stuff. I’ll read the entire article later. I was thinking you could release ions into space and use them to complete a circuit between two space ships or a space ship and a space station, as long as the ions don’t disperse. This is why I chose plasma in the first place. Once a connection is made the plasma can be treated very much like a cord and probably even re-absorbed.

This seems like a good idea to me so unless someone pokes some holes in it I’m going to build modular aircraft.

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