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What are some "good" reasons not to be environmentally conscious, informed, and active?

Asked by ninjacolin (14233points) April 8th, 2011

A lot of the time we just don’t bother to try and we actually let ourselves get away with it. What are some of those reasons that prevent us from doing “better” regarding being ecological and respectful for the environment in our daily routines? What makes not caring enough happen?

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There isn’t a “good” reason, but some of the existing, sad reasons are laziness, selfishness, and ignorance.

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explain this “laziness” and “selfishness” and what are we ignorant of?

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The only good reason I can think of would be to balance against human suffering. Norman Borlaug, for example, has argued that it’s worth it to use heavily industrialized agriculture in poor countries—even using DDT to kill mosquitoes on cropland—because the alternative would be millions of people starving to death.

It’s not a sustainable solution (which Borlaug knows) but the short-term benefits outweigh the long-term risks.

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I don’t think that there are “good” reasons.

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The thought that ” won’t make much/any difference.”

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Here are a few reasons:

-When it costs much more to do so. If a recycled widget costs more than the new one, most people will go for the new part.
-When we want the latest technology whether we need it or not. The cell phones in our pockets 2 years ago worked fine but many of us traded them in already to get the latest and greatest. Look how many resources were wasted.
-When we believe there is a need to have the latest fashions. Seriously? You’re not wearing that top because the color is 2010? Are you kidding?
-When we buy crap/goods that some celebrity wears to a staged event or hypes on a TV show.
-When we buy a new house instead of looking at an existing, older home.
-When we succumb to peer pressure and throw out a returnable bottle because we don’t want to appear ‘cheap’ by carrying it around.
-When we buy a car, or house bigger than we need because we think it will improve our status with members of the opposite sex.

I will get off my recycled soapbox now.

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I can really think of a good reason to not care about the environment… but some people just don’t get that fact that this is the only Earth we get and we need to take care of it. Some people are just so apathetic towards our Earth that they regularly litter, pollute, waste stuff, etc…

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When there are extra costs added, it becomes more difficult to be active. Example: My garbage pick up comes with a small recycling tote free. We recycle way more than what can fit in that itty bitty container. I have to pay extra to have a larger recycling bin.

@worriedguy I love my old house. It has character even if it is huge.

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I’m with @BBSDTfamily those are the only reason I can think of.

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That you will be oblivious to the changes going on around you and your part in causing them. That is the only positive I can see is that “ignorance is bliss”.

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Because you aren’t actually a human, but simply a turd.

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Fuck it, 2012 is right around the corner.

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^ lol. perfect. except even the mayans didn’t seem to think it was the end of the world, according to this guy.

awesome list, @worriedguy.

I’m wondering if @math_nerd‘s comedic sentiments are actually felt by doomsday believers in general.

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