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What kind of new website would excite you to join?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22515points) April 8th, 2011

It seems inevitable that more and more websites are going to sprout like mushrooms in the net. Anything that uniquely appeals to your needs and sensibilities?

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There are a lot of good ideas on this website.

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Something similar to I’d like a website to offer more foreign language vocabulary and world currency recognition and conversion. If the site traffic generated donations to clean water treatment, that would be wonderful.

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I’d really love if they made some online community like Myspace or some crap, but for fans of horror. I’d be there in a heartbeat. There was one a while back, it’s all but dead at this point though. (the irony)

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A social networking site that has the same type of people that Fluther does.

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Fluther is great, and I agree with is an excellent site to hone your abilities at a variety of topics, while donating to the hungry. It’s a definite win-win, I wish we had more sites like it.

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I’d be interested in a web site about how to reduce your living expenses and bills that goes beyond the standard advice you see everywhere (i.e. energy efficient bulbs, lower your thermostat, carpool). One where people came up with truly novel ideas. I’d also be interested in a site where I could barter services in my area where people were vetted (as much as possible) for being on the up and up. I’d love to be able to do some typing, legal document preparation or even babysitting in exchange for someone mowing my lawn.

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Organisations like

I liked the website @Macbean suggested a while ago,

Basically, websites that bring the world together so we can help each other and those where we can share ideas/review and critique things. Also, news websites and especially alternative news sites.

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The same friendliness I get over here.
Thank you for being easy to talk with jellies. <3 <3 <3

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