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Have you ever taken amino acid supplements?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) April 8th, 2011

A doctor of mine recommended I take some L-tyrosine and DL -Phenylalanine three times a day. I just started them yesterday and was wondering if anyone here has tried any amino acid therapy.

What differences did you notice? Did they help at all, or no difference? Any negative side effects?

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@SamIAm what kind of Doctor was she? What condition are you treating?

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She works with my general practitioner and she’s a Mind, Body, Wellness doctor! She gave me a little questionnaire asking to rate feelings (1–10) that were broken down into categories. Most of the numbers were low but there were some that were a little higher – for example, lack of motivation, feeling bored, etc…

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I give these to my son in his BioFocus shake every day.

He gets 549mg of the Phenylalanine and 951mg L-tyrosine at least once daily.

I haven’t noticed a big difference. However, I was looking for a shake for him and this one is healthier than others out there. It does seem as though his attention span is longer, especially if I give this before his therapy, dance or school lessons. This was not recommended to us. I felt I wanted to try it since some people have good results.

I’d say the best way for you to tell if they are effective would be for you to take them at the same time each day.

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What kind of training does that Mind, Body, Wellness doctor have?

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@spatzielover SamIAm said she “works with [her] General Practititioner”. She didn’t say she was the GP, in fact she made very clear that she was talking about a different person.

And what I do is completely immaterial to the question. In order for me to give an intelligent, reasoned opinon, which @samIam wanted, I need to know the training of the person who prescribed the amino acid supplements.

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