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How is it possible that I can dream the future? Can dreams become reality?

Asked by Christina070 (106points) April 8th, 2011

Lately I have been having all of these weird dreams. Last year, I had a dream about an earthquake happening in Chile (the country where I live), so the night it happened I dressed myself in like clothes so I could run out of the house fast. Then yesterday I had a dream about people breaking into my car, and it actually happened today… It also happened with like smaller things, like knowing someone’s name before I actually met them, or like dreaming about fights and actually getting into them… How is it possible I can sometimes see the future?
– Also, two people so far have dreamt that they saw me drowning in a bathtub and it kinda freaks me out… Is this just plain coincidence?

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Here’s one explanation, though probably less interesting than you would like: confirmation bias. That is, 99% of the time, you dream about things that don’t end up happening, which you forget about because it’s common. Then 1% of the time a coincidence occurs and you have a dream that is related to events that then occur. This seems very interesting so those are the dreams you then remember. That’s confirmation bias.

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No, you cannot dream the future.

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Before you drown, would you mind sharing next weeks lotto numbers with me… ;)

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This explains so much.

I had a dream, where I was making a movie, a horror movie. And I had an actor whom I really didn’t get along with. I wanted to replace him but we’d already shot several scenes with him. Eventually, I made the decision to fire him and had to reshoot the scene where he drowns a woman in a bathtub, and so we had to call back the actress to refilm – and that was you!

You were very hot in that scene by the way.

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I do not discount the possiblity that this can happen.
Document your dreams when you wake. And limit yourself to showers.

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You would be better off to GOOGLE your question as you need to seek various references to “Dreams” and then make your own determination. All thoughts create energy whether positive or negative. If your belief system accepts something as being real then just your thoughts alone can manifest it (make it real). GOOGLE “interpreting dreams”.

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@Mariah is dead on here. Let’s look at your examples: the earthquake. There are over 500,000 detectable earthquakes a year, so it’s very likely that you could “predict” one since they basically happen constantly.

Chile has the 2nd highest robbery rate per capita in the world. So the fact that you had a break-in isn’t very surprising either.

The other night I had a dream that it didn’t snow, and it didn’t snow here (April in Virginia). Does that mean I’m a visionary, or more likely that I’m thinking about things that are common to where I am and they happen to come true. If you are able to predict the future, then that would mean the future is already determined—which creates many difficult to answer questions about the nature of reality.

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Most of the things you mentioned could fall into the realm of the coincidental, except of course when you dream of the names of 10 strangers you haven’t met yet. If that happens, I’ll be interested to hear from you again about your dreams.

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I once dreamed about my entire day at work. I had the dream the night before I started a new job and as it turned out my day at work happened exactly like it did in the dream.

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@Mariah gives the convincing answer.

It’s a fun scenario to think about in terms of fiction. What if you could control it?
To let understanding stop at what cannot be understood is a high attainment. Those who cannot do it will be destroyed on the lathe of heaven.

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I once did a scenario I was going to submit to “Twilight Zone” about an executive that was flying to a conference. He kept having dreams about a major airline crash so he cancelled his flight. One evening while watching TV at home he heard a loud explosive sound outside. He opened the front door of his house to see his scheduled flight heading straight towards him. If it’s your time not much you can do but I always surround myself, family and surroundings with the envelope of “white light”. But FATE can always supersede.

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Through-out my life I’ve been in at least 5 situations where I should have perished. I was saved by an “angel” in one of them so I guess I haven’t fulfilled my destiny yet. I’m currently, writing a novel and screenplay on PSI-CSI techniques to capture serial killers/murders. At the same time promoting a couple of songs I’ve written for Tammy Tam Tam & STEEL BREEZE. Once done, I have a contact who will walk them into Warner Brothers Studio’s. After that perhaps it will be my time to go!!!

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For those of you that doubt this, please do not. This isn’t some psychobabble, voodoo magic, pray to the gods crap. It’s real and possible for many people. Please read on.

I have had dreams my entire life (almost 50 years) I’ve learned to overcome fears and manage dreams to point them in different directions. I’ve had the Déjà Vu type of dreams many, many times. For me, they do not all come true but hundreds of them have. Some of them don’t actually happen for years after the dream.

About 3 years ago I had a dream that I was actually able to prove to myself and a neighbor.

I had a dream (roughly a week prior) that I was drilling a whole in a wall to put in a pipe. In the dream I drilled halfway through a wood stud (a very bad thing). A week or so later my neighbor asked me if I would help him fix his drier vent. He wanted to move the vent out of the garage so that it vented outside. I helped him and as I was drilling the pilot hole I Déjà vu’d. I stopped drilling and told him about the dream and said lets double check the placement of the wall studs. The stud width was correct but when I pushed a coat hanger through the pilot hole I found a stud within ½ in of the pilot hole.. Meaning that if I had drilled the 3” hole it would have gone halfway through the stud… weird but 100% true and first hand and witnessed..

Don’t confuse dreams about things that are troubling you with dreams about future events. If you dream (some people don’t very often) and you are worried about things, this is normal. I have solved some very complicated problems through my dreams when I could not while awake. Dreams offer clarity of thought away from all of the daily things that clutter our decisions.

If you have nightmares, allow yourself to control the flow of events in the nightmare (dream). Confront the scary parts and you can rid yourself of nightmares that have haunted you for years. This may take 10 or more attempts but you can beat them. The better you learn to control them the faster you can let the bad ones go.

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@Whoknows there is a 25% chance of drilling through a stud using a 3” bit with 24” stud spacing. It seems in your case there was an extra stud in the wall, which would have bumped the odds up to 50%. Confirmation bias is a very powerful thing, and can fool even the very brightest people.

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There is nothing to say that a dream will not forecast the future. There are some who believe that we practice the next day’s events in our dreams. Solutions from dreams are always present. I even video taped a documentary where a slot machine cheat figured out how to circumvent the new developments in cheating technologies when it came to slot machines. The answer came to him in a dream.

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the only “explanation” that I like has to do with multi-dimensional string theory. Time as we experience it is like a string with subsequent moments adjacent on the string. If the string is wound into a ball or is in a heap there will be points where “now” is adjacent contacting another point in time, so some aspects of the other moment are accessible.
Beats me what’s the explanation for how is the future already resolved on the string ahead of us. But this idea has some appeal as a metaphor.

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Lots of questions about dreaming the future—I should have known !
@Mariah “confirmation bias” excellent ! ...most of the time a dream moment could be plausible it never happens so we don’t remember.
—ref dream moments that do happen later exactly as dreamed…
@bob_ sorry just not true, it is possible, many of us know first hand

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