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Can you help me understand my Argentine oven?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) April 8th, 2011

I recently moved into my apartment, which is equipped with an Orbis brand Linea 500 oven (horno), and instead of listing temperatures, it just has numbers 1 through 7. The lowest the oven will actually go is 3 and half. I’ve been told that the manufacturers usually publish guides to what temperatures these numbers are, but after searching online, I haven’t come up with anything. Any help??

Thanks so much! :)

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Gas ovens in the UK use gas marks like that.
Maybe this will help you:

275 Fahrenheit = 140 Celsius / Centigrade = 1 Gas Mark = Very Slow
300 Fahrenheit = 150 Celsius / Centigrade = 2 Gas Mark = Very Slow
325 Fahrenheit = 170 Celsius / Centigrade = 3 Gas Mark = Slow
350 Fahrenheit = 180 Celsius / Centigrade = 4 Gas Mark = Moderate
375 Fahrenheit = 190 Celsius / Centigrade = 5 Gas Mark = Moderate
400 Fahrenheit = 200 Celsius / Centigrade = 6 Gas Mark = Moderately Hot
425 Fahrenheit = 220 Celsius / Centigrade = 7 Gas Mark = Fairly Hot
450 Fahrenheit = 230 Celsius / Centigrade = 8 Gas Mark = Hot
475 Fahrenheit = 240 Celsius / Centigrade = 9 Gas Mark = Very Hot
500 Fahrenheit = 250 Celsius / Centigrade = 10 Gas Mark = Extremely Hot

Suerte con tu horno nuevo! :)

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Thank you so much! That is exactly what I was looking for!

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Buy an oven thermometer to clip inside. I was taught to cook on a wood burning oven/stovetop and that’s what my family used to monitor things.

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I’ve got a hunch that your oven isn’t using the UK gas marks, though. They sound more like the French marks, which are quite different.

If your oven won’t go below 3, as you say, that would be 325F in the UK system, which is already a medium-ish temperature. In the French system, 3 is 195F, which would be a more typical low temp.

Here are the French number/temp equivalents:

1 85F
2 140F
3 195F
4 250F
5 300F
6 350F
7 410F

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Many ovens even here in the States are out of proper calibration, especially in apt. buildings as it’s not a high priority for maintenenance.

I’ve moved to various apts with ovens which varied widely from whatever temp. marks they had so I always used one of those small oven thermometers which you can get in any hardware store. They are pretty inexpensive (compared to the cost of even one ruined meal)

The kind I used had a hook at the top and you could just hang it on any shelf you wanted to.

If you get one you won’t be sorry you did. Small price to pay for accuracy and peace of mind. And when you move just take it along with you.

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As an aside, it looks like you can adjust the thermostat’s minimum setting. This might explain why you can’t get lower than 3½. If you look at step No. 3 on this Orbis installation sheet it tells how to do that.

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