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What's the name of this band [see details]?

Asked by etignotasanimum (3376points) April 8th, 2011

A few weeks ago I watched a music video on MTV. It involved the band inside a large cube with LCD screens on the outside that had a woman’s face on them. There were men in Spandex jumpsuits dancing around the band, and the video was filled with a lot of bright colors. At one point in the song the woman on the screen began singing with the band.
The most important detail that I remember from the song is that the name of the song was something like “Sugar pills”, and the chorus had the line “too much sugar pills and alcohol”. I believe that MTV said it was one of the indie bands that they play.

Can any of you help me find this band? I’m interested in hearing the song again, but since I can’t remember their name or enough of the lyrics, I can’t find them. I hope that one of you is more of a search engine ninja than I am!

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Kids of 88 – Sugarpills

I googled “sugar pill alcohol video”

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You would be amazed at how many songs I have been able to pinpoint when I can only remember just a few words of a song.

Google is pretty darn efficient. Much more so than we think. It also helps that there are lots of lyric sites on the net.

When I put in the very few words I remember plus, lyrics that usually does it. As long as the phrase or words aren’t so common that they are in tons of songs.

Sugar pills and alcohol is pretty distinctive.

Missing you or lost love are pretty generic but most songs have at least some distinctive phrasing that sticks in ones head.

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@trickface Oh my gosh, thank you! I’m so happy that you found it! Thanks again!

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