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How do you deal with rejectIon of your son after leaving his dad and dad won't allow him to see me?

Asked by Citychick8 (34points) April 8th, 2011

Son 16 we were so close now he doesn’t want to see me..his dad has a lot to do with this but I don’t know how to deal with it….

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How is his father legally able to keep you from seeing your son?

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Your question is somewhat ambiguously worded. “Rejection of your son” can mean your rejection of him, though I gather from the (limited) context that this isn’t your intent. Also “after leaving his dad” could refer to his leaving your dad, but I don’t suppose a 16-year-old would leave his dad… and then have his dad not allow him to see you.

So… if I answer what I think you’re saying here: You left your son’s father and he retained custody of your son, who you think is now rejecting you, but the boy’s father won’t allow the boy to see you.

If this is an accurate description, then how do you know your son is rejecting you? That’s putting the worst possible light on his potential attitude, since you can’t know this if the boy’s father won’t allow him to see you.

Do you have an attorney? You need one, if you’re trying to see your son and the boy’s father is preventing that. And until you know that your son is rejecting you without any assistance, encouragement or coercion from his father, I wouldn’t impute that motive to him. You’re not being allowed to see each other; it doesn’t sound like the boy has anything to say about it.

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16 is a rough age. He feels abandoned, cheated, and lied to. It doesn’t matter whether or not any of it is true, that is how he feels.
Give him a little time, and let him know you want to see him when he wants to.

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Go to court and get them to order visitation for you. I would also let the courts know that the father is influencing your son to not want to visit with you. I think i t is terrible when one parent talks bad about the other parent afterr a divorce or break up. It is really stupid of them too because it almost always comes back to bite you in the butt later on.

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Keep in loving contact with your son. He may change his mind someday.

Consider going to court to get visitation rights.

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