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What's inside your perfect picnic basket, where would you want to enjoy it and with whom?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) April 8th, 2011

Not everyone goes out for a picnic regularly much less ever having the experience to actually fill a picnic basket but if given the opportunity what delightful goodies would you stuff your picnic basket with, where would you prefer to eat and with whom? Make this your dream picnic ever!

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Oooh, I’m the picnic queen and live near a very beautiful riverside park and lots of local vineyards and wineries.

My picnic basket would have cheeses galore, artisan breads, several varieties of olives, pickled veggies, dry salami, grapes, sliced apples, cheesecake, strawberries and champagne!

The local champagne is incredible!

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@Coloma Great but where’s the beef? :-(

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I’d eat it in a secluded place, a sunny park with lots of hills and trees dotted around.
I’d eat it with my three best friends.
The picnic basket will contain : Strawberry cheesecake, egg,chilli and vegetable fried pasta,chocolate log cake , Cucumber sandwiches, Strawberry Yazoo, Mango milkshakes, Fresh scones with cream and jam, spicy chicken wings,double chocolate chip muffins, Grapes, Sliced Watermelon and apples.

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@queenie Can I come? I promise I wont bring my diet plan! :-)

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The beef’s in the salami. at risk of sounding obscene. lol

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@mazingerz88 Hey! Let’s make it a Fluther picnic ; D
You’re all invited!

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But there’s a rule : Absolutely NO dieting

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@Coloma Ok got it. Not obscene at all.

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@Coloma You almost got my basket except I’d have a nice deep red wine and I’d be in the sand dunes with a little breeze, with a lovely, humorous man.

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There is a hotel in Big Sur called The Big Sur River Inn. It has a very relaxing creek flowing just behind the rooms. Beautiful hills, lush lawn, and the relaxing creek make this one of the most peaceful places I have been.
I would want to share this picnic with my family, and a few couples we are close to.
The lunch would include Fried Chicken, deviled eggs, fruit salad, corn on the cob, shish kabob, and watermelon. Plum wine and beer all around.

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I would have the picnic below the tallest water fall, Angel Falls(?) atop a small bamboo barge with palm leaves for roofing. The picnic basket will have a bottle of Jim Beam, Gray’s Papaya hotdogs, huge lobsters from Maine, tres leches cake, shrimps from Thailand, one whole roast pork and steaks from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Oh, and marshmallows! ( and share it with two or three Brazilian ladies )

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A loaf of artisan bread, some soppressata, some cheese, apples and a cab franc.
Simple but quality picnic. Picnics are best accompanied with kisses, but other company can be really nice. A group of friends each bringing one or two ingredients together on one big blanket is rather splendid. Somewhere green, in a light wind, near the ocean.

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There is a place in Virginia, just outside of Williamsburg, VA. I’m not sure of the name, but I know it’s a tributary to a larger lake. My husband and I go there when we are visiting his relatives. Each time, we see something amazing. One time, a deer was drinking from the water’s edge. Just as we looked at the deer, it looked up at us. Somehow, it knew we were pretty non-threatening and went about drinking. It was simply amazing. So quiet, so peaceful.

That’s my place to go and be so quiet and peaceful, with the love of my life. I would pack cheese, apples, grapes, water, muffins, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple – any fruit I could get my hands on, some cold cuts – depends on our mood(!) and some type of rustic bread. Oh, spicy mustard. A must for both of us!

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Extra sour sourdough baguette
Ripe Brie cheese
Hard salami
Chilled cracked crab
Salt & Pepper

Mr., me, a thick cotton quilt and huge paper sun umbrella on the beach.

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I’d go out on a picnic with some good friends on a Sunday afternoon, with the Sun shining bright but not too hot, somewhere near the beginning of Autumn. A gentle but steady wind needs to be present. A fine day indeed, a lazy day, one where you forget your television, your computer, your job, your bills and your worries.

We would drive out to an ancient graveyard. Not a modern one, but a very old and cliché one with old tombstones and gnarly trees. With us we would bring cute little sandwiches cut in triangles, with store bought meat as the filling. We’d have macaroni salad, veggies and dip, as well as leftover turkey and beef. To be consumed cold, and dipped in BBQ sauce. For drinks we would have those lemonade (pink lemonade, too) containers used by preschoolers on field trips. And soda packs we picked up on the way there, in some old gas station where this blind guy was squeegeeing our windshield.

We would talk and eat, frolic and laugh. As evening begins to fall, and the Sun lowers away, bleeding its fading colours into the coming night, sweaters and coats would be brought out.
So would the smokeys and sausages, to be heated by a bonfire. flames dance, dance with the dead, we’ll dance too…we’d bring out the beer from our hippy van, the hard stuff and the coolers. We have cozy blankets too, but they may serve other purposes besides wrapping ourselves in the chill that now rules with an iron fist.

Mundane ’‘make believe life is alright’’ conversations, while they had been true in the gentle wind and swaying grass, are now replaced by our scariest dreams, our nastiest experiences and the darkness that flows forth from our hearts, into the deepening night. Bring out the chips and the party mix, crack open more beer and make an oath to Satan…destroy those who have wronged us, take away our shames and fears, from the chalice of blood we drink!
Drunk as shit we dance and feed the fire, feed our looming hangovers and there I lay, when all is done, when the moonlight shines upon the last and lonely abandoned cute little triangle cut sandwich that nobody wanted. Everyone is dead, or at least passed out, and there I lay, staring into the night. Starring into the stars. Starring at a tree. There’s an owl in the tree, and it stares back at me, its eyes like dead stars. I have to go to work in four hours. But there I lay…the perfect picnic!

Blair Witch Project FTW

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Fried chicken, champagne, strawberries & whipped cream. MMMMMMMMMM.

My wife and me, anywhere that the air is fresh and the grass is soft (and not itchy)

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Oreos, milk, apples, sandwiches, and a couple good drinks. We would be on a hill, grassy, sunshine. I would be with JP.

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It would be with my beloved boyfriend and it would be one of those picnic settings from Jane Austen, right down to the period clothing. I’d wear one of those gauzy Empire dresses, of course. Perhaps on the lawn at Chatsworth House. It would be a beautiful warm day with a slightly cool breeze and we’d have a bunch of friends with us to stroll or ride in a carriage around the grounds. On the menu we would have:

Chilled shrimp cocktail
Barbecued ribs and chicken
Chinese dumplings
Fresh pasta salad with asiago and parmesan cheese
Tons of fruit (melons, cherries, plums)
Baked brie
Sangria and bottles of moscato
Cherry pie with homemade ice cream

In the evening, we’d retire indoors, but with the floor to ceiling windows open onto the lawn. Someone would play the pianoforte and we’d sneak outside onto the grounds to stargaze (and other things) in the moonlight. Ah yes, here we are:

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Spam baps – curly wurly – bottle of dandelion & burdock – wagon wheels (family pack) – big bag of midget gems. In the woods with my dentist please.

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@ucme That sounds like my sweet stash I keep beside my bed…have you been busy ucme?

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Nah, couldn’t resist the oppurtunity to throw in some British sweeties. Haribo cola bottles, yum!

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@ucme You are definitley invited to come over to mine… after you’re done with the dentist ; )

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@queenie The sweets in our house are actually for the kids, nowt wrong with pinching the odd one or six though. I’d be delighted to pop round for tea, only I don’t know where you live see XD

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@ucme I meant my picnic ; P.
Unless of course you want to drive all the way to Rugby…

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@queenie @ucme Do I smell a real picnic coming up?

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@mazingerz88 No, i’ve just eaten thanks
@queenie Yeah, in that case i’ll pass

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I’d have roasted red pepper hummus and crackers, kasha, a salad, and some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! I’d definitely want to share it with a good friend or a date.

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For a picnic, nothing too fancy. A few club rolls, and enough London broil cut into little bitty pieces to make 2 sandwiches for both of us. A block of sharp cheddar cheese. A big bottle of Manichewitz red wine. And two slices of Portal Cake for dessert (sans ethylbenzine). Oh, and music, something romantic but not too over-the-top.

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