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Do you find the quality of questions more to your liking during the day or late at night?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) April 20th, 2008 from iPhone

I often do my fluthering around midnight (PST) and wondered about others’ experience of the quality of questions based on time of day.

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Im also most active late night. Its 4am now, i think nights are usually when more “fun” conversations happen on fluther where as the day tends to be more serious. That could just be me though i dont know.

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I find the best time to be in the morning….....of course, I’m on GMT, so that’s about the same time as you guys..

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I’d be surprised if it matters, because of, well, you mentioned it… Timezones. Even if questions posted in the evening were of better quality, it always is evening somewhere, and morning elsewhere…

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I find the quality of the question relates to the querent. Some people still find fart jokes really funny, no matter what time it is, for example. And we all have different definitions of what “fun” conversations are, of course.

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