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Is it true that marijuana helps boost your metabolism while working out?

Asked by kheredia (5558points) April 8th, 2011

Not sure how much truth there is to this but a girl I know told me that she lost a lot of weight by working out while she was high and that this helped her burn more calories faster than by working out alone. Have any of you heard this before? Is it really possible or is this girl just justifying her use of marijuana?

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I don’t know if it’s true but I’d definitely be skeptical of the girl. Marijuana use typically causes weight gain (due to munchies).

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I can’t even imagine a meaningful work out when one is stoned. But being high would not cause you to burn more calories than doing the same work out when not high.

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Well how about asking her how much did she smoke.

Because if she only inhaled 2–3 smokes then she would definitely NOT be stoned.

And there might be health issues with her but this is another story.

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I doubt if it actually helps burn fat by itself, but it’s possible that she was able to work out longer and harder, and without thinking about taking breaks because she was off in la la land.

@Hibernate That’s a pretty hasty generalization. Some folks are lightweights and can get high off less, and some weed is really good and you only need one hit. Also, what does that have to do with weight loss?

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No. It’s a placebo effect if anything. If smoking pot helps her desire to want to work out than that is a good thing.

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If this were true, everyone would get stoned before they work out.

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People seem to be always looking for an easy way to lose or maintain their weight. Smoking pot is just another very poor idea.

The destructive factors in marijuana far out weigh any possible benefit. In fact the dangers involved here are at least as bad as that of tobacco. Scientists found that ammonia levels were 20 times higher in the marijuana smoke than in the tobacco smoke, while hydrogen cyanide, nitric oxide and certain aromatic amines occurred at levels 3–5 times higher in marijuana smoke.

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I’ve observed that smoking pot causes people to lay on couch and floor, laughing at everything. Or going to 7–11 for chips. I haven’t heard of anyone wanting exercise. I don’t see it revving up metabolism in any way.

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I’m pretty sure she, just like most drug users was trying to justify her drug use!

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Stoners will justify or rationalize the use of their precious weed way in any way they can. I have noticed people tend to ascribe magical powers to pot that simply are not true. But to these people they do in fact believe that smoking makes them more productive, smarter, a better writer, a better this, a better that, etc. I really believe its a side effect of the drug to get you to keep doing it and justifying it. In some cases it might help with creative projects like music or art. However I would strongly caution against using weed while you workout, as studies have shown you are at a fivefold increase of having a heart attack immediately after smoking. Additionally smoking has been shown to add fat around your internal organs… very bad!

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I see what you guys are saying about smoking weed but there are several other ways of getting high on marijuana. I don’t think she smokes it. She’s more into the weed chocolates and I’m not talking about a whole chocolate bar either. She has most definitely lost a lot of weight but I think @FluffyChicken might be on the right track. I’m skeptical about the marijuana actually helping her burn more calories but I do think it is possible that she might be able to workout for longer periods of time while she is high. She really doesn’t seem like the couch potato type at all and she’s not a junkie either. In fact, if you saw her you would never guess she’s into pot. I was very surprised when she told me about her interesting workout sessions. I was just wondering how true her theory is because I had never heard such a thing before.

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@gondwanalon I would be interested to read a study which that appears in. I’ve never heard about a viable study outlining these supposed dangers, in fact, I’ve never heard of anyone dying of marijuana use. Quite the opposite for tobacco. Could you please share your sources?

@Paradox1 Likewise, I’d love to read about this study on heart attacks and smoking before exercise. I found a news article saying that using it regularly increases a certain protein that can cause build up in the arteries. It failed to mention how much the risk is increased (nowhere near as much as trans-fats and cholesterol I’ll wager, or all my friends would be dropping like flies. Some of the healthiest folks I know are stoners) but nothing that says it immediately makes you susceptible. Sources please!

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Don’t people claim their hearts beat faster when/after they smoke? This would kinda make sense then..

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“These findings come from a study of 3,882 people who survived heart attacks. It was conducted at a number of centers around the country, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, where Mittleman works. In the study, 124 people reported using marijuana regularly. Of these, 37 people said they used it within 24 hours of their heart attacks. Nine said they smoked it within an hour of their attacks.”

So…. 9 people out of 3882 people who had heart attack happen to have had some weed within an hour before. Clearly that’s causation!

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@Paradox1 I thought that was cocaine.. isn’t mj a downer like alcohol?

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@kheredia It’s not a depressant in the same way as alcohol. It relaxes you though, yes. (unless you get paranoid)

@Paradox1 Sometimes my heart does beat faster after smoking, but I’m going to guess that the dilated blood vessels cancel that out.

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