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Who is the author who calls “W²٣” (i.e. WWIII) “the war on poverty”?

Asked by will (104points) April 8th, 2011

I remember reading an essay in a book a while back that was written shortly after the kilocalories per capita (amount of food per person) passed the minimums required for health in 1968. For the first time in human history, there was enough food that everyone on the planet could theoretically eat enough.

The essay argued that only the task of developing the logistical and economic systems necessary for distributing the food remained as a task for humanity before fundamentally changing the experience of life on Earth.

The author argued that societies without the threat of starvation would likely be less prone to conflicts that grow to the magnitude of a World War.

So the final “war”, which ¿he wrote as “W²٣”, is the struggle to adapt the existing systems governing the distribution of food to ones that make being fed healthily affordable to everyone.

The title, I thought, was WWIII: The War on Poverty, but I’m five pages deep searching all the possibilities I can think of with no success. What I remember of the cover was mostly bronze with red and white text.

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That is it. Muchas graçias.

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So which is your author? All I can suggest is getting your hands on a copy of this through some library (or buy one of those used copies, they aren’t expensive) and finding the essay in question.

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