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I think we should have a moment where we remember our soldiers out there. Do you?

Asked by MilkyWay (13735points) April 9th, 2011

Hope the mods let this through.
I was watching a video just now and I got a bit teary. I think we should remember our men and women out there who dedicate their lives to protecting us citizens and to serve their country. Whoever and wherever you are, whichever country you’re from, let’s take a moment to appreciate what those soldiers are doing out there.And to the retired and working soldiers here on Fluther too.
So, men and women of Britain. I salute you.
Love me when I’m gone.

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Yes thank you for all you do to keep us all safe. My sister is currently serving in Iraq from the US, she has been there since last July and we are expecting her to come home soon. We are all looking forward to her safe return. But know other families at the same time are saying good bye to their loved ones to take her troops place. I pray for everyones safe return to their familes.

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For myself and on behalf of my father who served for 23 years, and my mother who followed him from station to station, I honour and thank all those who have served and currently serve as citizens and at the request of their nation and their spouses and families. It truly touches my heart the risk they take and sacrifices they make. May their leaders ensure that their endeavours are noble.

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OK… I have to admit… this post wrecked me for the night….flooded with emotion. I think I might get some writing done tonight. so…. there’s that. My father…. what he went through, what he saw…. tears and snot.

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@queenie wonderful post. Beautiful thoughts fellow fluthers. I’d like to recognize my 91 year old father who was part of the B-24 Liberator Group/Ted’s Traveling Circus, my oldest sister’s husband who was a Vietnam vet/US Army, my youngest sister’s husband who was a POW/MIA/US Marine Corp. my husband who served in Germany during peacetime. And to all the other men, women, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, mothers and fathers whose job it is to fight for freedom and peace and to keep our countries free, my heartfelt “Thank you.” I was very pissed yesterday when our soldiers and their families were told they were only going to receive half their pay for the month of April. It didn’t happen, but to assure even the threat is never given again, I say: Throw the bums out in 2012!

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Most of us sleep peacefully in our beds at night only because brave men and women stand ready to fight on our behalf. And for that reason, I give many thanks.

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Oh yeah, cause as if I say no, that’d be all right by everyone.

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@bkcunningham The question is “I think we should have a moment where we remember our soldiers out there. Do you?” If @Simone_De_Beauvoir said “no,” she’d just get berated. I cannot speak for her, but I think the implication might be that questions like these are a bit manipulative.

I have a friend in the Marines who says these sorts of threads always seem to him like they’re more for the people who post them (and in them) than for the soldiers themselves. He thinks they’re nice and all, but he’d prefer to be treated with respect in daily life than get occasional lip service on television or the internet. “One man’s opinion,” he always says, but an opinion many people profess to value highly.

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Yeah, I see now @SavoirFaire. I see what you mean. I just think it is a nice reminder to ourselves and others. It doesn’t hurt and if you don’t like it, don’t post. My son-in-law who is serving our country in the Navy said I could say that. Just one man’s opinion and all that, but he’s a good guy and I wanted to give him and the others a shout out. ; )

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I’m not saying it isn’t a nice reminder, nor was my friend ever saying that. I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with @queenie asking this question. But it’s also nice to remember that we must go beyond things like this.

As for suggesting that @Simone_De_Beauvoir shouldn’t post if she doesn’t like it, that’s ridiculous. This is a Q&A site, and she has the freedom of speech. That’s one of the many things that American soldiers fight for, and it disrespects their service to suggest anyone should refrain from using it.

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@SavoirFaire of course she has the right to post. She did post. I didn’t understand her post and you explained what you thought she meant. She wasn’t forced to post one way or the other. The question wasn’t really a question, “I think we should have a moment where we remember our soldiers out there. Do you?” It was like saying, “I would like to take a minute to recognize @Simone_De_Beauvoir for the wonderful work she does as an advocate and voice for so many without voices and for the amazing love and assistance she gives to cancer patients. Would you like to join me in this recognition?” And then someone saying, “Oh yeah, cause as if I say no, that’d be all right by everyone.” You know, it’s just rude and I don’t get the point of just being rude for rude’s sake. If you have a point to make, make it. Otherwise, don’t join in the celebration by vandalizing the cake. Or something like that.

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@bkcunningham If she has the right to post it, then I don’t see the point of saying “if you don’t like it, don’t post.” Regardless, I cannot continue speaking for @Simone_De_Beauvoir. Indeed, I never could in the first place. I will say, however, that I don’t think she was trying to be rude just for the sake of being rude. That’s not her style.

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@SavoirFaire my remark, ” It doesn’t hurt and if you don’t like it, don’t post,” was actually directed at you.

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@bkcunningham But why? I never said I disliked it.

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I apologise if I have unknowingly offended or hurt someone’s feelings by posting this question. By no means did I intend it to be “manipulative”. It was sincerely an emotional means of letting my feelings being known, especially as there are some soldiers/ex-soldiers here on Fluther aswell. Once again, if I have unknowingly upset someone, I’m sorry. I did not mean to.

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@bkcunningham @SavoirFaire was right. I felt neutral about the question, personally and simply pointed out that in this case a ‘no’ isn’t really acceptable is it, because we’re supposed to blindly ‘support our troops’ regardless of logic and all else we may feel. Things aren’t black and white: people are people and I wish our youth wasn’t wasted on mindless wars so I’d rather support their coming home.

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Absolutely. But let’s not forget our police force and our firefighters.

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@mattbrowne Yes. A BIG thank you to the People in our Fire fighting and Police departments, keeping us safe at home and making sure the country is running safely.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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