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What are some good titles for this marching band show?

Asked by JessK (599points) April 9th, 2011

This would be for a high school called Apex and the theme is jazz. All of the songs in it have ‘one’ in the title. So something that revolves around jazz and ‘one’. Go crazy!

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The One For All and All For One Jazz Show!

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Jazz One-ders

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The Apex Onederfully Sublime Jazz Show or The Apex Onederful Jazz Show!

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One Night In Apex

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Niiice One.

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@JessK Don’t tell me you’re so shocked at the wonderful answers that you forgot to click the “Answer” button.

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Jazz Onederful ( a play on Just Wonderful )

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I think we’ve put @JessK into a state of shock.
Hey @JessK ! Snap out of it!

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And a One, And a One, And a One…

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The One and Only
We’re Number One
One By One
Won By One
One Up
Apex One

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that one band show

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Apex Jazz Show

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Oh, and titles are usually dramatic and short. For example:
Battle for Olympus (ancient greek)
Enter the Dragon (oriental)
One Band to Rule Them All (lord of the rings)
Arlington (veteran’s remembrance)
007 (james bond)
@queenie haha no, I’m not in a state of shock, I just left the window up.
But thanks everyone for your input!

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Can you re-use One Band to Rule Them All?
Seriously, there are only so many idioms containing the word “one”, hardly anything with “Apex,” and nothing I can think of or find online that also ties in jazz. This seems to be tough.

How about the straight-ahead Jazz One? I know it sounds like a radio station, but has the virtue of brevity and is the ultimate encapsulation of “Jazz” and “One”.

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Apex One Jazz Project

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