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Can fish eggs hatch in an aquarium?

Asked by Curious404 (1021points) April 20th, 2008 from iPhone

I brought white cloud fish about two months ago. Things were fine. Then, the other day one of the fish died. Then, two days after that, I noticed super small tadpole looking organisms swimming in the water. I have a filter, so this is very strange.

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yes, eggs can hatch in an aquarium. Usually if you know about the eggs being there you try to separate them from the rest of the population. You wouldn’t want them to be eaten.

If those tiny tadpole things look more like worms then you mite have parasites. Try and catch one, put it in a container, and bring it to your local pet store. They can usually identify whatever it mite be and tell you what to do.

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Like Eambos said its very likely that your fish layed eggs according to a site i found talking about how hard it was to breed White Clouds they said “Easy. Give them a water temperature around 68°F and they will lay their eggs on the bottom of the tank.” Which can be why you didnt see them and the filter didnt get them. I have molleys that i feed to my angler that always seem to lay eggs in their holding tank which is awesome free food so im currently raising 15 baby fish. As long as you keep your water quality up and dont over/under feed them they should be fine.

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We had a tank for my son when he was eight. One day we were thrilled to see a guppy drop baby guppies out of her nether regions….. my memory is that they were miniature fish and not eggs.Then horribly, before we could grab the net, the mother ate the babies..Not a happy scene.

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Yes, but don’t try this with caviar. That won’t work.


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Ok. Thanks for all your answers. I went to the fish store today and they confirmed that I have baby fish. I just never thought this could happen!

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Mazel Tov. Where should I send the cigars?

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@gail called: haha. Thanks!

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