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Has anyone ever eaten an apple with a moldy core?

Asked by Time2 (130points) April 9th, 2011

Recently I was eating an apple and noticed that the core looked black. I cut it open and there was mold growing in the seed cavity. The rest of the apple was fine (though it was a little dry). I don’t know how it was stored. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is it dangerous?

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Yes, I’ve experienced that. While it was gross, I’ve lived to tell the tale more than once. Come to think of it, maybe that is why I now cut apples up instead of biting into a whole one.

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You’ll be fine. I’ve done it before. Just watch what you’re eating before you put it in your mouth!

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Yep. Just don’t eat the mold

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I may have. I eat a lot of apples, and sometimes I notice one getting brownish or “less than clean white” where I expect perfectly white flesh. (And I’m not talking about how the apple will brown when left exposed to air for more than a few minutes.)

When I see that happening, I don’t eat any “deeper” into that apple, but I’ll continue to eat to the same depth all around, and throw out a fatter core than normal. So those may have been moldy cores, too, for all I know. I just don’t go deep enough to find out.

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