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When a 1-4 team ties a 5-0 team why is it seen that the 1-4 team had a more of a victory?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) April 10th, 2011

Why is it thought that if you have a 1–0-5 team that plays and ties a 5–0-0 team that the 1–5 team had a better out come as if they played better or equal to the 5–0 team thus forcing a tie? Could it be possible the 1–4 team played no better or didn’t get any better but that the 5–0 team just played super crappy, like a 1–5 or 0–5 team? A more successful team allowing a tie to a lesser team is not an indictment of the greater team as a tie being a bigger slam to them because the lesser team rose to the occasion. It could have been they just played way less than they had.

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Probably the 1–4 team is perceived to be the underdog, based on their record…thus a victory for them over an undefeated team is seen to be more impressive.

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Because it’s seen as an accomplishment to put up a fight against a team that’s considered to be more skilled.

Sure, everyone has bad days, bad streaks of luck or whatever. Every situation is different – maybe a key player on the “good” team was hurt or something. But it still feels just as good for the lesser-rated team, regardless of the reason behind it.

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