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How do you think fluther will evolve in the future?

Asked by Eggie (5865points) April 10th, 2011

Yes!!! We are coming to the year 2020 and beyond, and this is a great site so far, but I was wondering….what will the site look like in that time. Will it have 3d graphics and stuff? Will we be joined to twitter? What will be the changes? What will it most likely look like? Will the mods have any extra power?

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Eh – since the Founders don’t expect to do any new developing, I will just be happy if it keeps going as is for the next few years.

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I don’t think it will ever be joined to Twitter.

I will be happy if it just keeps going as is.

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We don’t believe in evolution here.

In the beginning, their were Ben Jelly and Andrew Jelly (think Adam & Eve) and all of this sprung forth from them. ~

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Little by little, the mods will be given the prerogative to change all questions and responses in a fashion that represents their political ideology .
You will know it is coming when someone asks, in the social section, “What is 2+2?” and only the answer “5” will be permitted.
Eventually, there will not be any actual members of the collective. It will only appear so, but most of the jellies will actually be mods in cognito.
A few persistant remaining real jellies will ask questions in the meta section. “WTF is going on?” they will ask. The mods will close down such questions, and replace them with questions that they believe are relevent. Troublesome accounts, like me, will be cancelled.

Someday, when our hair is brittle, thin and gray, our muscles are flaccid and our tattoos have faded, some of us will run into each other in the retirement home and ask “What happened?”

Somebody will probably say “They did it for our own good”

And that will be that. I“ll miss you guys. Especially @lucillelucillelucille

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Hate to be the pessimist but I dont see much evolution to this site since Ben and Andrew left for Twitter.

All I seem to see anymore is a slow entropy.

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It would be nice to see it evolve the way much of the rest of the United States has, to a more libertarian outlook. I don’t see a lot of hope for that, but it’s a nice dream.

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It won’t.

It will stay the same for ever and ever.

Or else…..

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I am hoping the checks they send me every month won’t bounce.It will then be a perfect world.;)

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@uberbatman “All I seem to see anymore is a slow entropy.”

I’m going as fast as I can :(

I envision an extra tentacle.

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It is nice that you have assumed it has a future. I hope you are right.

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Wither & die…..but are we downhearted? I said are we dow…....oh forget it! XD

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Maybe Fluther management might consider this idea. Haven’t done any research so this website format may actually be out there already, though I doubt that. What if Fluther could be enhanced as such that it automatically translates foreign language answers into English here in the US for American jellies and vice versa into the specific languages of those international jellies. The growth in the matrix could be amazing. Think about it. Fluther goes to infinity and beyond!

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I think it needs a bunch of active tech support and development to stay current. Otherwise someone else will eventually come up with a better site with better features, tagging system, search engine, etc… This is fine for now, but most websites don’t stay popular for long in a rapidly changing internet. Fluther could get ‘myspaced’ without active development.

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As was mentioned, Fluther’s current situation probably doesn’t allow for much evolution to go on. @augustlan and some moderators are doing great maintaining the site, and that’s good. I don’t necessarily see the site going down any time soon, but with all the people doing the techy stuff gone and only a handful of people running it, I don’t think it can go anywhere but stay where it is now. A bit sad, but as long as it doesn’t disappear. Who knows what the future might bring though, Fluther might pick up again some time.

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Late in February Google punished what were considered ‘content farms’ . Somehow it appears that Fluther was in that category. I’m not sure why but my hunch is that Google noticed a lot of answers here were copy and pasted without attribution. Apparently this has only been applied to US search results. Fluther has fallen in Google’s ranking and seems to be indexed less frequently.

Here is a graph. It looks like it only affected the US. But this is a problem since you don’t see ads if you are logged in. But most of those hits are from Google where a person isn’t logged in and will be bombarded with ads. Assuming quantcast has good numbers they lost a lot of traffic and money.

edit :: Here is a thread on Metatalk about the change. It coincides with the drop in traffic here.

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It will eventually shut down.

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Well, that’s a real downer, @bob_. I suppose next you might say that we’re all going to die, or something. Way to throw a wet blanket there, bud.

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Fluther will be able to travel back in time with its jelly capacitor.

“Questions? Where we’re going, we don’t need questions.”

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Paid avatar ads with rates proportional to lurve.
Paid, premium membership allows you to curse out other posters without moderation.
Ride board calendar attached so people can meet up and save gas on the way to work.

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Fluther will become even more social and buy Facebook, renaming it to Flutherbook.

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Paid, premium membership allows you to curse out other posters without moderation.

I would pay $10/month with a new avatar for the enjoyment of that. Probably only need one or two months to get everything off my chest.

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It’ll probably be taken over by trolls and religious people like Answerbag lol.

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